The Best Team Captains from The King’s Avatar – Glory Professional Alliance

The King’s Avatar – one of the best Chinese animation that humanity had ever seen so far is seriously not just your typical game-inspired anime show. It goes beyond the usual MMORPG, isekai cliche plot. Essentially, the King’s Avatar thrives in its realistic portrayal of e-sports, the story of players, the game itself and anything related to it creates an interesting and exciting environment to follow throughout the whole series.

The King's Avatar


The anime is based on a popular e-sports web novel by Blue Butterfly. The novel had inspired several adaptations already including The King’s Avatar anime (Quan zhi Gao Shou), a manhua (Chinese manga), and an upcoming live-action drama called Full-Time Master starring Chinese superstar Yang Yang.


The story revolves around players of a famous MMORPG called GLORY. It involves mundane light drama, ordinary gaming adventure, and lots of e-sports competitive story. In Glory professional circle, there are always twenty (20) teams fighting for the championship every season. And the current timeline of the story (I am currently at chapter 1,410 and the anime adaptation had covered at least the first 300 chapters of the novel) – 20 teams were fighting to get the championship of GLORY season 10; including our main protagonist Ye Xiu and his king’s avatar – Lord Grim together with his very own grassroots team “HAPPY”.

The King's Avatar - Chinese Glory Team
The entire Chinese Glory team is made up of all-star players, aces, and captains from different teams.


In honor with these different teams in Glory professional alliance and for respective players, we would like to give tribute to its core players, the captains who lead each team to their common goal – the championship. This time; we will highlight 10 of the best captains in the e-sports scene of Glory. This doesn’t simply apply to their skills as an individual player, but also to their skill to lead their team.

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Let’s start our list of the best team captains from The King’s Avatar with our 10th place.
The King's Avatar - Chu Yunxia
Chu Yunxia and her elementalist Windy Rain

The only female captain in Glory’s professional circle. She’s quite famous as a softie among Glory fans but her skill in playing the game is beyond question. According to Ye Xiu, Chu Yunxiu is the best female player in Glory’s professional alliance and the player behind the strongest elementalist account in the game – Windy Rain. She’s like any normal girl, her dedication to her team is second to none and despite showing not much interest, she holds that desire to achieve the best result as possible for her team – Misty Rain.


The King's Avatar - Yang Cong
Team 301’s captain Yang Cong

The alliance’ no. 1 assassin player. Yang Cong is the among the oldest player in the professional scene of Glory in terms of experience, being a debutant on season 3. He is the team captain of TEAM 301, with his leadership and Bai Shu’s arrival in season 10, they manage to make their team a force to reckoned with in the latter half of the season. His dedication and passion for his team are admirable of the point that he gave up his position as a core player in order to achieve a better result in the regular season and pass the baton to Bai Shu as the anchor of TEAM 301.


The captain of Royal Style and the player behind Glory’s no. 1 exorcist account – Peaceful Hermit. His loyalty to his team is seriously commendable despite the decline of team Royal Style. He remains a powerful force in the alliance despite fo the gradual decline in the popularity of both his team and exorcist account from being a top entity in Glory’s history with team Royal Style as the first runner-up in Glory’s season 1 championship. His account Peaceful Hermit is one of the so-called god-level accounts in The King’s Avatar. He still hopes and exerts thorough effort to bring his team back to their former glory. Ye Xiu once said that he admires Tian Sen’s dedication and loyalty to his team.


The King's Avatar - Yu Feng
Team Hundred Blossoms’ captain  Yu Feng


Currently, Glory’s no. 1 player in berserker class. He is the new captain of Hundred Blossoms. Yu Feng is hardworking and talented paired with his eagerness to achieve greater things. Team Hundred Blossoms were able to bounce back after its rapid decline starting season 8. Yu Feng is quite ambitious and his desire to be a core player led him to leave his former team, the Blue Rain and go to Hundred Blossoms. He then became the saving grace of his new team and brought back Hundred Blossoms’ legendary duo of blood (berserker) and blossoms (spitfire).


Team Samsara Zhou Zekai
Team Samsara’s captain Zhou Zekai

Glory’s no. 1 player and user behind the great gunner account – Piercing Clouds. This silent type player had forced his way to become a god after his debut on season 7. Currently, Zhou Zekai is the captain of team Samsara with a back-to-back championship under his belt. No one could deny how great of a player Zhou Zekai is. His weakness might be his personality as a silent type guy but this doesn’t interrupt his team to be coordinated, all thanks to their vice-captain Jin Botao – who servers as the medium between him and his team members.


The King's Avatar Han Wenqing
Team Tyranny Han Wenqing

This old general is the team captain of Tyranny. He is among the first generation players in the alliance and Ye Xiu’s undisputed rival which lasted ever since the alliance began and it’s a rivalry that grows with respect. He is the strict type of person and this sternness had made Tyranny one of the big powerhouse in the alliance that values discipline and aggressiveness altogether. He is the player of Desert Dust – Glory’s no. 1 striker with the title King of Fighting. With his leadership, Team Tyranny was able to put an end to Ye Xiu and Excellent Era’s 3 consecutive winning streak for the championship and eventually won the 4th season.


The King's Avatar Xiao Shiqin
Team Thunderclap’s Xiao Shiqin

I’ll say this guy is one of the most especially versatile and flexible captains in the alliance, and definitely, a dangerous tactician to handle within Glory’s professional arena. His wit, tactics, and leadership skills had made him able to defeat powerhouse teams with the sheer power of average players and characters. Team Thunderclap isn’t a powerhouse with no gods (both players & characters) but dedicated and passionate players who aim for the championship. And with Xiao Shiqin – one of the four master tactician in the alliance, Thunderclap was able to bring stronger teams to their knees with sheer tactics, coordination, and proper strategic execution.


The King's Avatar Yu Wenzhou
Team Blue Rain’s captain Yu Wenzhou

Blue Rain’s team captain and another master tactician in the alliance –  Yu Wenzhou is the player of another god account – Swoksaar – the alliance no.1 warlock. People called him the crippled genius. Yes, he is crippled by e-sports standard because his hand speed is subpar if compared with other professional gamers. However, what makes him a force to reckon with in the alliance is his logical strategic ability to create and seize opportunities for his team to win a match. Ye Xiu once said that if Yu Wenzhou happened to have a great hand speed too on top of his excellent tactics, he’ll definitely be another monster in the alliance with no match at all. After all, he had achieved the status of a god in Glory’s professional scene despite his weakness. He was able to claim a championship for Blue Rain in the 6th season of the alliance and made his team a powerhouse.


The King's Avatar - Wang Jiexi
Team Tiny Herb’s Wang Jiexi

Other than Ye Xiu, I have to admit that this team captain had earned my praise and admiration. Wang Jiexi is the entity that brought Team Tiny Herb to the top and won 2 championships and his skills are undeniably godlike that only a few in the professional stage could compare. He’s the only player in the alliance who’s title “THE MAGICIAN” applies for both the player and his witch character – Vaccaria. His original play style is quite peculiar and that he could be compared with Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim when it comes to how alienating their gameplay is. However, had sacrificed his original and powerful playstyle in order to assimilate well with his team so they could have a team-oriented performance in the arena. His aspiration for the championship and his team’s future is admirable. Ye Xiu once said that Wang Jiexi is the best captain in the alliance and I believe that it is definitely true.


The King's Avatar - Ye Xiu
Team Happy & Excellent Era’s Ye Xiu

Glory’s textbook, the battle-god himself is at no.1 in our list. He is both admirable and sometimes despicable (through his false shamelessness and savageness) but if there’s anything that I do love about this guy – it is passion and dedication for what he’s doing and it’s no other than GLORY. What makes him the greatest captain in Glory’s professional scene? He only had just 3-consecutive championship under his belt, so far no other team had surpassed nor even match that record. After being cast away from his old team Excellent Era, he worked his way back to the professional scene bringing his very own team which started as a grassroots from a certain internet cafe called HAPPY. He is a great and insightful leader with a tsundere personality and sometimes vile. Ye Xiu is the only pro player who never fails to surprise both the alliance and the Glory fans.

That ends our list of the 10 best captains from Glory professional circle from The King’s Avatar. Other honorable captains that almost make it in the list is Li Xuan from Team Void, and Tang Hao from Wind Howl.

There are still at least 200 chapters before I finished reading The King’s Avatar novel. This list may change once I finally finish it. Though I already have some knowledge about possible spoilers and its ending but I’ll gonna keep this list for now as legit based in our own opinion about this topic concerning the team captains from The King’s Avatar. Nonetheless, please let us know thoughts or who’s your favorite captains from the novel.

Meanwhile, The King’s Avatar season 2 (the animation) is slated for release this July as one of the most highly anticipated Chinese anime of 2019.

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