The God-Level Accounts: The Kings Avatar Strongest In-Game Characters

God-Level Account: Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer

An in-game character is a player’s avatar in his/her chosen game, thus it represents the player’s skill, power and progress altogether. Whether a player is a novice, veteran, an expert or a professional; there is always some kind of hierarchy among them in every game and Glory from the phenomenal Chinese anime, The King’s Avatar is no exception.


The King's Avatar - All Star Professional Players

Glory is a very popular MMORPG in China with huge player base worldwide. In China, a professional alliance had been established where its members of pro-players from different team compete against its other for the sake of glory, honor, and wide recognition among the gamers’ circle. The Glory Professional Alliance have several teams with a backing guild and clubs behind them.

Each team in the alliance were comprised of professional players with different degree of mechanical skills and strategic aptitude. However, even the rookie in the professional circle were still above the average expert and veteran players from the game. The alliance brought the game into a new height which results to the birth of God-Level accounts. So far, there are only 10 considered God-level accounts as there’s a certain criteria that must be meet in order to join the rank of these monstrous in-game characters. In fact, among the different teams in the professional alliance, there are only few teams that house a God-level accounts; some have one account while the others have two. Even the Chinese Glory team, a set of professional players who will compete in the global arena for Glory’s World Competition is mainly comprised of these God-level accounts.
Now, let’s get to know these God-level accounts and what makes them so special and unique compared to a normal account.
The God-Level Accounts & Team Happy
The God-Level Accounts & Team Happy in a newly release postcard from Taobao
One should be aware that these God-level accounts have silver equipment. Yes, it is ‘Silver’, a set of equipment which is considered to be even better than the orange quality equipment and could only be obtain via research and synthesizing rare in-game materials.
Aside from silver equipment, they also have high amount of skill points which should be generally far ahead compared to the normal skill point system of the regular players.
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One Autumn Leaf (一叶之秋)

One Autumn Leaf (一叶之秋)

The Battle God

  • Class: Battle Mage
  • Team: Samsara (Current); Excellent Era (Former)
  • User(s): Sun Xiang; Ye Qiu (Former)
  • Skill Points: 4840
  • Silver Equipment: Evil Annihilation


Cloud Piercer (一枪穿云)

Cloud Piercer (一枪穿云)

Great Gunner

  • Class: Sharpshooter
  • Team: Samsara
  • User(s): Zhou Zekai; Zhang Yiwei (Former)
  • Skill Points: 5000
  • Silver Equipment: Wildfire (Right-Hand Gun); Shattered Frost (Left-Hand Gun)


Vaccaria (王不留行)

Vaccaria (王不留行)

The Magician; The First Witch

  • Class: Witch
  • Team: Tiny Herb
  • User(s): Wang Jiexi; Lin Jie (Former)
  • Skill Points: 4820
  • Silver Equipment: Stardust Extermination


Troubling Rain (夜雨声烦)

Troubling Rain (夜雨声烦)

Sword Saint

  • Class: Blade Master
  • Team: Blue Rain
  • User(s): Huang Shaotian
  • Skill Points: N/A
  • Silver Equipment: Ice Rain


Desert Dust (大漠孤烟)

Desert Dust (大漠孤烟)

King of Fighting

  • Class: Striker
  • Team: Tyranny
  • User(s): Han Wenqing
  • Skill Points: 4880
  • Silver Equipment: Flame Fists


Swoksaar (索克萨尔)

Swoksaar (索克萨尔)

The First Warlock

  • Class: Warlock
  • Team: Blue Rain
  • User(s): Yu Wenzhou; Wei Chen & Fang Shijing  (Former)
  • Skill Points: 4830
  • Silver Equipment: Curse of Destruction


Dazzling Hundred Blossoms (百花缭乱)

Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred Blossoms

The First Spitfire

  • Class: Spitfire
  • Team: Tyranny; Hundred Blossoms (Former)
  • User(s): Zhang Jiale; Zou Yuan (Former)
  • Skill Points: N/A
  • Silver Equipment: Hunting Seeker


Immovable Rock (石不转)

Immovable Rock (石不转)

The First Cleric

  • Class: Cleric
  • Team: Tyranny
  • User(s): Zhang Xinjie
  • Skill Points: N/A
  • Silver Equipment: Blacklight Cross


Demon Subduer (唐三打)

The First Brawler

  • Class: Brawler
  • Team: Wind Howl
  • User(s): Tang Hao, Lin Jingyan
  • Skill Points: N/A
  • Silver Equipment: Blood Vanishing Soul


Peaceful Hermit (扫地焚香)

The First Exorcist

  • Class: Exorcist
  • Team: Royal Style
  • User(s): Tian Sen, Gou Ming Yu & Lu Liang (Former)
  • Skill Points: N/A
  • Silver Equipment: Death Savvy


Ye Qiu's One Autumn Leaf
Ye Qiu’s One Autumn Leaf

And that’s the 10 strongest in-game characters from The King’s Avatar. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the players behind these accounts were the strongest but they seriously got the skills to prove that they’re deserving to use such a powerful characters. Aside from these 10 God-level accounts, another set of characters that must be acknowledged and recognized from The King’s Avatar are the All-Star accounts (10 God-level accounts were also included) which are the most famous accounts in all of Glory.

Nonetheless, which account is your favorite? Which account do you think is the strongest of them all if we’re gonna simply based on the individual stats of every account and the skills of its player? Let us know by dropping a comment below. For the All-Star list, we will post it here in the blog. So, don’t forget to subscribe in our feed and get the latest anime news and similar stuff from Yu Alexius team.

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