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Yu Alexius Anime Blog offers news & views about Anime, Manga, Live-Action series, Games and selected viral entertainment news. We are committed to bring the random and updated Anime News and featuring multi-media articles about different types of anime.

We are a big fan of these anime websites and they are among our sources for news posted in this blog.

  • Anime News Network
  • Crunchyroll
  • Anime Anime
  • Moca News
  • Comic Natalie
  • Yaraon!
  • Anime Trending
  • Guodong Subs
  • Beneath the Tangles

Our team founded Yu Alexius Anime Portal on August of 2015 by a group of random individuals who are anxiously craving for various anime stuffs.

Recently, we had changed our approached and mainly focus on providing list type of contents and Chinese-themed animation. However, we still aim to deliver anime news for both mainstream anime and new original projects from rising animation studios. Striving to dedicate ourselves for promoting anime to popular culture and every human beings so shall we all become an otaku.


Meet your resident anime freak

Oreki Houtarou
Oreki Houtarou is Yu Alexius’ maskot

Alexander Yu (Yu Alexius) – an introvert who loves to rant and watch anime. He’s a follower of Nyanko-sensei and a hardcore coffee-addict. A weird and enigmatic thinker who always fell asleep easily. Someone who is still finding his purpose in this world albeit he aspires to go isekai in an anime world but please not in Re: Zero universe. However, he is quite afraid to meet Truck-kun. He is someone who loves coffee the most, some heavy downpour, and a raging lunatic who loves tattoos and small talks. A frustrated writer and a beautiful dreamer. #charot hahaha ^^


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