Popular Chinese Comic ‘The Last Summoner’ Revealed its Animated Trailer

The Last Summoner (Zui Hou De Zhao Huan Shi)

The trailer for the upcoming anime adaptation of the popular Chinese comic/manga The Last Summoner (Zui Hou De Zhao Huan Shi) had been unveiled featuring an exciting and action-packed story filled with summoned creatures, and game-related stuffs.

The Last Summoner Plot: All living creatures have spiritual power. Among them are those who are able to summon spiritual beings. Those who are capable of this are called Summoners. Time passed, and the legends were forgotten … But the new era of the Summoners has already begun! ” Ager, who knows how to cook perfectly, accidentally summoned a spirit named Dora. As it turned out, she was lured by the smell of food. And not wanting to leave the kid, she signed a contract with him. What will lead the contract with an eccentric spirit?

The comic is written by Bo He Ying Xiang and illustrated by Ask Studio which is also the same company that presented the animated trailer. The comic is still ongoing though it had been released in a slow manner recently with only few available chapters released.

The Last Summoner

A summoned spirit named Dora appears in front of the 14 year old human chef Adger.

From there his life is flipped upside down by supernatural danger.

The Last Summoner Official Trailer via Made by Bilibili Lineup Conference

While staff and cast members for the anime wasn’t unveiled yet, it seems that the anime will have both an adult and censored version.

The Last Summoner Release Date

The release date for The Last Summoner anime adaptation is not revealed yet. However, it is scheduled for 2020 release as part of upcoming project from Bilibili 2020 Chinese anime lineup as revealed in their conference event last November 2019. Nonetheless, we could expect The Last Summoner to premiere possibly around June or July as it is listed as part of summer 2020 season lineup on anime listing site: v2anime.com.
Nonetheless, it’s a pretty decent anime that fans could look forward to and definitely enjoy once the anime officially kicked off. So, who’s excited for another Chinese anime such as The Last Summoner which will definitely invade our imagination once again?

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