10 Badass and Interesting Quotes from Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

My spirit animal which seems to be a cup of coffee might be not as strong as the spirit powers from the Chinese anime (donghua) Soul Land but it helps me a lot in catching up with the 2020s most popular Chinese anime. I have been on a marathon as I have realized that I am over 70 episodes behind in Soul Land, I can’t even remember when did I stop watching it last year due to my messy work schedule.

Quotes from Soul Land or Douluo Dalu

However, it feels great that I was able to catch up with it now so there’s a peculiar idea that got into my mind. Since I am pretty amazed by some of the dialogue of my favorite characters from the series, I ended up thinking of posting kickass quotes from Soul Land. Yeah, at the same time I will also share interesting and inspiring quotes from various characters of Soul Land.

But first of all, what is Soul Land? That might have been the question of people who are not familiar with the series. Soul Land or Douluo Dalu is one of the most popular donghua in recent years and it is even the most-watched donghua in China last year. If you wish to learn more about it, you can check my detailed post on Soul Land here: All About Soul Land or Douluo Dalu (A Donghua FAQ)

Now, let’s proceed with the list of badass and inspiring quotes from Soul Land and hoping it will spike the interest of other donghua fans out there to check the series.


Best Quotes from Soul Land


Tang San Quote

Reading ten thousand books is not equal to traveling ten thousand li, indeed spoken true, when traveling, one is able to learn more and more. – Tang San

Soul Land Quotes Tang San

First in our list of Soul Land quotes is a statement from Tang San. We might be all wondering, how strong is Tang San? Who is the strongest in Soul Land? But have we ever ask – what makes a strong person? Tang San is a special character, he is the main protagonist of Soul Land but what makes him an amazing character is his foundation. He is not just strong because he is gifted or blessed or because of her lineage, but because deep inside there’s a mature and genius soul that keeps a level mind and has a unique point of view of the world.

This quote from Tang San is indeed applicable even to the people in the real world, it’s realistic, it’s logical, and simply makes sense. It aims to be educational while at the same time thought-provoking.



Ning Rongrong Quote

Perhaps eight years ago, as the support, I was the one being protected. The person hiding behind you guys. But this time, let me stand at the front! Supports have their own dedications! And their beliefs! And also… their own ways of taking risks! – Ning Rongrong

Soul Land Quotes Ning Rongrong

The only member of the Seven Devils of Shrek Academy aside from Tang San to be listed in this list is our heiress of the Seven-Colored Treasured Glaze Pagoda clan. Rongrong is the core of their support, and she’s someone who is always protected. However, there are times that even the person who is always protected has their own means of changing the tides. And when that moment comes, you just have to take the risk because, at some point, there are some battles that only you and only you can ever face.



Bibi Dong Quote

Bibi Dong? If you didn’t say it, I would almost have forgotten this name. Please call me Supreme Pontiff or Your Eminence. It’s been long since I was that foolish Bibi Dong. – Bibi Dong

Soul Land Quotes Bibi Dong

This is quite a kickass quote from Bibi Dong, she’s the pontiff of the Spirit Hall from Soul Land and one of the main antagonists. Nevertheless, I liked her character for some reasons. In this statement, she seems to resemble any main villain from those telenovelas that I used to watch when I was a kid.



Yu Xiaogang Quote

There are no good-for-nothing spirits, only good-for-nothing spirit masters. – Yu Xiaogang

Soul Land Quotes Yu Xiaogang

The Grandmaster has plenty of wise words to tell and quotes that truly make sense. Here what he said is like a reflection of many real-world cliches. And we all know that it is no-nonsense as it denotes that people’s strengths are, all the same, there’s no special and there’s no useless, it always depends on how one uses it.



Liu Erlong Quote

Impulsive? Why can’t I be impulsive? Tang San, if you’re still a man, follow me to Spirit Hall. Even if I die, I’ll still turn the sky and earth upside down. – Liu Erlong

Soul Land Quotes Liu Erlong

It’s the Mother Dragon, haha! Please forgive me but Liu Erlong is such a badass woman and the only thing I can describe her is that she’s a dragon, a kickass one. In her quote, she simply embodies a fiery woman, an emissary from hell who will tear down her opponent at any cost when something she treasured was taken away from her. She’s the impulsive and emotional woman that we typically see from the various story out there and she’s no damsel in distress.



Tang Hao Quote

Kindness to the enemy is cruelty to yourself. None of the people capable of leaving this place have walked a road without death. Including you, including me. Kill them, leave none alive. – Tang Hao

Soul Land Quotes Tang Hao

This is a truly badass quote from Tang Hao, Tan San’s father as he gave a word of advice to his son. It may seem cruel or evil, but in the world of Soul Land, this quote is relevant.



Dugu Bo Quote

Let me guess who that person is…who was the one who got beaten until he was crying for his father and mother, got his spirit shattered, and almost peed his pants? I think it’s YOU, Gui Mei! Hahaha! – Dugu Bo

Soul Land Quotes Dugu Bo

Our old poison freak is here delivering a wicked quote for the Gui Mei. It’s quite funny knowing how strong Gui Mei is but Dugu Bo can still insult him this way. Truly shows that the old freak does not only have talent in poison but also has a sharp tongue and foul mouth.


Yue Guan Quote

Yes, you’re right. As a Titled Douluo, why would I bow and scrape? That I am here today is because of myself. If I hadn’t clung to the glory Spirit Hall could give me, how would I end up like this? If I could choose again, then in my next life I will definitely be a free spirit master. Only now do I understand that living freely is more important than any influence, status, or money. Perhaps, death is a new beginning for me… – Yue Guan

Soul Land Quotes Yue Guan

We always realized what truly matters and regretted our actions when we are at the death’s door. Such is the case with Yue Guan, one of the antagonists of Soul Land, and here’s a quote that I believed should be heed even by the viewers as it is thought-provoking and worth pondering.



Flender Quote

We’re this old but still haven’t died, we’re better suited to blocking in front than you kids. If you are able to return alive, remember that all the profit I’ve made is in the private room of the headmaster’s study. Give it to Zhao Wuji and let him manage our Shrek Academy. – Flender

Soul Land Quotes Flender

Director Flender of the Shrek Academy always stays true to himself that he is a slave of money and at the same time still values his relationship with the people that he cared about. He stated this quote when the Spirit Hall is threatening to take Xiao Wu away, he along with Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong went to the frontline and decided to protect their students. He uttered these words and I don’t know whether I’ll laugh or not but this one sure is a hilarious quote from the director.



Ning Fengzhi Quote

In this world, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. – Ning Fengzhi

Soul Land Quotes Ning Fengzhi

Last on our list is an intriguing quote from Ning Fengzhi, Ning Rongrong’s father, and is one of my favorite characters from Soul Land. This quote is like an enticing offer for an endless adventure and that is what Soul Land ought to be.



Alright, so there are the 10 quotes from Soul Land that I think deserve to be highlighted in this post. I am planning to make another post in the future about this topic and I also wish to get some opinions from you guys. If you had been reading the Soul Land novel or watching the donghua, please let us know which specific quote a character from the story you think should be included in this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below.



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