5 Chinese Anime with Reincarnated MC (Main Characters)

Hey guys, your Yu-senpai is back for another donghua talk, and this time, I would like to share about Chinese anime with reincarnated MC or main characters. In fact, Chinese animation’s popular theme such as cultivation and transmigration mostly comes with reincarnation stuff. And this is where I would like to recommend some more donghua if you wish to watch series that fall in the same category.

Chinese Anime with Reincarnated MC (Main Characters) Mo Dao Zu Shi

Wei Wuxian, the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

Alright, so I have made this list of Chinese anime where the main characters had been reincarnated. This has been a common theme among donghua but only a few had caught my attention as some of them have had the same plot and I felt that it has been repetitive while some had been effective at using the same cliche.


So, here’s our list of recommended Chinese anime where the main character was reincarnated as follows:


Chinese Anime with Reincarnated MC


Mo Dao Zu Shi

Mo Dao Zu Shi Mo Xuanyu

Wei Wuxian reincarnated as Mo Xuanyu (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

First in our list is the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation or Mo Dao Zu Shi. The main character of this donghua is Wei Wuxian, he is the titular character of the series who died before the story started but reincarnated inside the body of the person that summoned him back to life for the sake of vengeance.

After fulfilling the request of his summoner, he started his journey of unraveling the conspiracy that took place several years ago that leads his friendship with his fellow cultivators to fall out and eventually caused his demise at their own hands.


Soul Land

Soul Lang Tang San

Tang San (Soul Land)

Yeah, it is Douluo Dalu or Soul Land, the infamous Chinese anime that gathered millions of playbacks in every episode in its home country last year. This 3D donghua’s main character is Tang San who was reincarnated to a fantasy world after he committed suicide from his previous life. There, he started his journey life filled with adventure where meets various friends and foes alike.

Soul Land is a donghua with a great narrative, awesome fight scenes, well-animated and interesting story. While it shares many features with various Chinese anime series, Soul Land is in a league of its own.


Heaven Official’s Blessing

tian guan ci fu xie lian

Xie Lian (Heaven Official’s Blessing)

Tian Guan Ci Fu – Ascending to heaven as a god because you lived a virtuous life or did so many good deeds from your time in the mortal realm as a human but eventually demoted and born again, then ascending to godhood again only to get demoted. That is sure is a hilarious yet troublesome life that our main protagonist Xie Lian had lived through. In this Chinese anime, he ascended to godhood for the 3rd time and he must find a way to avoid getting another demotion.

Heaven Official’s Blessing is a donghua with a roller coaster of emotions. At one point, we felt like falling in love is the best thing to ever exist, then the next moment we are grieving or stating how tragic love can be. This donghua had the usual cultivation, martial arts, and reincarnation theme but it deeply revolves more around the delicate relationship of the main characters Xie Lian and Hua Cheng despite all the odds that will come their way.


The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife

The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife Female Lead

The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife Female Lead: Su Luo

Xie Wang Zhui Qi – This is a Chinese isekai anime where the world’s leading female assassin was reincarnated inside the body of the useless fourth miss of a noble family in a story set in Ancient China. Yes, this is another transmigration donghua and definitely a series that many shoujo fans would love to take a peek at.


Scumbag System

scumbag system donghua

Shen Yuan reincarnated as Shen Qingqiu (Scumbag System)

Alright, so next on our list is the 3rd entry from the adapted works of Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. Yes, the Scumbag System donghua is written by the same author as Mo Dao Zu Shi and Heaven Official’s Blessing that I had mentioned above. Now, here’s the literal isekai cliche that we had from a typical Japanese animation. The main character got transported inside a game then reincarnated as the villain there. So, knowing how his new persona will end up, he decided to avoid his imminent demise by any means possible and that would be an exciting story to follow.


So, these are my top recommended Chinese anime with reincarnated MC that fans of the isekai genre will surely enjoy. I have only listed a few here but I’ll update this post as often as possible whenever I discovered some more interesting titles as I also expand my knowledge and explore what Chinese animation has to offer in the future.


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