Chinese Anime “All Saints Street” Season 2 Confirmed

All Saints Street Season 2 Cover

Hey guys, Nini and the rest of the gang from All Saints Street (Wan Sheng Jie) are coming back for another season on Oct. 14 and what’s even more amazing is that we won’t wait that long until its official premiere according to the latest announcement made by Tencent.


All Saints Street season 2 was confirmed during the 2020 Tencent Video Animation Annual Conference last August 8, 2020 and they even unveiled a promotional poster and a teaser video for it. Finally Nini’s older half-brother Nick Hoult is joining the fun characters of All Saints Street and it seems like we will surely enjoy his interaction with our resident landlord Lynn Angel.

All Saints Street Season 2 Poster
All Saints Street Season 2 Poster

In All Saints Street Season 2 trailer, we had seen Nick arrived at the gang’s place and despite his brute and tough appearance, he has the funny and light side that we shall enjoy seeing soon. We already had plenty of fans with Nini, Ira, Abu, Lynn, Damao, and Lily last season, and having another character join the series will make it even more fun. Albeit the fun did have some speculations that Nick will appear in All Saints Street season 2 since we didn’t see him from the previous season despite having shown at the donghua’s opening theme and promotional poster.

All Saints Street Season 2 PV

Now, aside from Damao and Nini’s adorable clumsiness, we’ll have another funny character to look forward to next season.

In regards to All Saints Street season 2 release date, Tencent unveiled it will be on October 14, 2020.

A bit of refresher though, All Saints Street first premiered last April 1 as part of the Chinese anime lineup for spring 2020. It is a project under Tencent and had been one of my personal favorites since then. In fact, All Saints Street could be considered as one of the best donghua of 2020 so far alongside White Cat Legend, Stellar Transformations Season 2, Fog Hill of Five Elements (Wu Shan Wu Xing), and The Manual of Hundred Demons.

All Saints Street donghua

All Saints Street donghua was based on a popular manhua of the same title and is among the gateway donghua for new viewers since it doesn’t require any prior knowledge about Chinese animation or culture to understand and enjoy it. Its story follows the group of supernatural creatures: a demon, vampire, angel, werewolf, and mummy living together under the same roof in modern-day China. When put together, following their daily life and interaction will lead to a series of wonderful journeys filled with fun, supernatural humor, parody, and stress-relieving story. On my end, this donghua has been my stress reliever throughout its run and it’s just amazing that you can binge-watch it in one sitting since every episode only runs for around 5 minutes.

Now, as we wait for All Saints Street season 2 release, we might also want to check another donghua from its creator and that is Non-Human which currently airs its 3rd season. If you wish to learn more about the upcoming Chinese anime series for 2020, feel free to check our following posts:

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