The King’s Avatar Movie: For the Glory is Getting a PH Release this November

The King's Avatar Movie: For the Glory

Hey guys, Philippine-based website and anime community “ANIMEPH” had shared that 2019 Chinese anime movie “The King’s Avatar: For the Glory” will be released in local cinemas in November. The announcement was made in a promotional video streaming at Cosplay Mania 2019 Event stating that the donghua (Chinese anime) movie will be released in the Philippines by the Singapore-based Odex Private Ltd.

When is the release of The King’s Avatar: For the Glory in the Philippines?

According to ANIMEPH, the movie will be release in SM Cinema on November 20, 2019.

The King’s Avatar: For the Glory movie was first released in China on August 16, 2019 and was based on the prequel chapters of the popular Chinese web novel The King’s Avatar which anime adaptation in 2017 had set a new wave of popularity to donghua (Chinese anime) industry. The movie is a great reminder for the anime fans since The King’s Avatar anime season 2 is scheduled to air on the 3rd quarter of the year: The King’s Avatar Anime Season 2 To Be Release on the Quarter 3 of 2020.

The King's Avatar Movie: For the Glory Poster
The King’s Avatar Movie: For the Glory Poster

The prequel movie of The King’s Avatar will revolve around the first season of Glory Professional Alliance where aspiring e-sports players give their best shot to win the title – to win the GLORY. In the movie, Ye Xiu who is the main character of The King’s Avatar series will be shown in his younger years during his early days as a Glory and e-sports player.

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The King's Avatar Movie: For the Glory Fan Screening in Philippines
The King’s Avatar Movie: For the Glory Fan Screening in Philippines

While the movie had been officially listed to be release on November 20, 2019 – ODEX Philippines will have a fan screening scheduled on November 16, 2019 on SM Megamall at 5:00 PM according to a post on their Facebook page as follows:

The King’s Avatar also inspired a live-action series with the same title which stars Chinese actor Yang Yang. The live-drama series gained praise from anime and Chinese drama viewers as well as from the novel readers hinting a positive reception of the show. It runs from July 24, 2019 until August 31, 2019 with a total of 40 episodes which were released online (3 episodes per week).
The King's Avatar Live-Action
The King’s Avatar Live-Action
The King's Avatar
The anime adaptation first aired in 2017, and a 2nd season of The King’s Avatar is expected to be released this 2019 although, there’s no official details or updates yet about it from its producer Tencent. However, fans are speculating that The King’s Avatar season 2 will be released soon especially with Tencent always dropping the bomb with their releases as they previously announced the premiere of The King’s Avatar (live-action) and Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 2 on the same day as its scheduled release. No one knows, but The King’s Avatar season 2 might or may not follow this pattern but fans sure are excited to see the anime back as soon as possible.
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The King’s Avatar Synopsis

In the online game Glory, Xiu YE is regarded as a top-tier pro-player. However, due to a myriad reason, he is kicked out from the team. When Glory launches its tenth server, YE once again throws himself into the game. Back with the memories of his past and an unfulfilled dream, his return along the road to the summit begins!

Nonetheless, for fellow Filipino fans who are craving to see Ye Xiu, it’s a great opportunity to have The King’s Avatar: For the Glory release in Philippines and with this, I am also personally hoping that we’ll have NeZha, and The Legend of Hei getting a PH release too.

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