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Monday, June 11, 2018

The Top 10 Best Chinese Anime Openings

Lu's Time Chinese Anime

An anime opening or intros could either build or break a show's momentum and viewer's impressions. This songs and animation sequence could transport us into a trance moment within the anime itself where one could feel ambiguous excitement, epic emotional clashes, and overflowing ambiance of the anime's plot. We all get transported into something surreal, an experience that we feel when we finally get caught by an enormous force, so addicting that you don't have any option but to dive in to the story. 

Such is the case when watching anime series, different shows have various approach of building its plot and thus, an awesome anime opening is a necessity. It is sometimes a deciding factor whether one should continue watching a show or not, it is typically the front end of an anime show.

Mystery-Thriller Chinese anime "Uncharted Walker"

We had previously shared the list of the most epic anime opening ever featuring the best opening animation sequence of different Japanese anime ranging from giant franchises into award-winning anime titles.

Now, with the rise of the popularity and demand of Chinese anime, we proudly presents the best Chinese anime opening that we thought deserves to gain a solid attention from anime viewers; especially those audiences who fell in love with donghua series or Chinese animation. Turn on your earphone or headset now and get ready to be enthralled and dive in to the world of Chinese anime.

The King's Avatar[ALL STAR] OVA - Revenge by Jiro Wang

Soul Land / Douluo Dalu Opening - The Land Of Warriors by Jam Hsiao

I'm Joybo Opening - Bu Xiang Bing by Er Hou Sheng

Uncharted Walker Opening

The Legend of Qin Opening

Lu's Time Opening

SpiritPact Season 2 Opening - Taion by Shuta Sueyoshi

Everlasting Immortal's Firmanent Opening

Spirit Realm Season 1 Opening

Fox Spirit Matchmaker Season 3 Opening

That's our Top 10 Chinese anime opening, although there are tons of great donghua opening sequence out there, these are simply stunning and superb that stands out above everything else. Nonetheless, we'll definitely share more of those amazing Chinese anime opening in the next few days. One thing is certain, the Chinese anime industry is brimming with so much potential and thus, the music industry behind it providing absolutely great songs deserved a big round of applause and recognition.

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