Can Ci Pin (The Defective) Chinese Anime Updates

In 2021, another novel by Priest is coming as a Chinese anime adaptation, that is Can Ci Pin or The Defective, also known as Imperfections or Access Denied in other translations of the novel. Priest, the Chinese author who wrote several novels will have another of her work adapted into a 3D donghua. Can Ci Pin will join Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire, and Silent Reading. All in all, that Priest will have 3 of her novels adapted into Chinese anime this 2021.

Can Ci Pin (The Defective) anime

Can Ci Pin (The Defective) Key Visual

In this post, I would like to share some information about Can Ci Pin and what we have known about it so far. Many fans had been quite anxious since the upcoming donghua had been delayed several times. It was originally scheduled for 2019’s release, then once again listed as part of bilibili’s 2020 anime lineup. However, 2020 ended but Can Ci Pin fans still didn’t get any updates until bilibili presented their 2021 Chinese anime lineup last November 21, 2020.

Then, let’s start our discussion about the donghua and what we have known about it so far, and what we can expect from it.



The upcoming Chinese anime is also known as The Defective is based on a sci-fi and action novel written by author Priest. She’s one of the most prolific Chinese authors that wrote web novels in recent years, and Can Ci Pin is one of the works that she published in 2017 at jjwxc.

Can Ci Pin by Priest novel poster

Can Ci Pin by Priest novel poster

Just like Priest’s other works such as Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire and Silent Reading, Can Ci Pin is also a boys-love story Yeah, shounen-ai or yaoi fans out there should be glad and includes Can Ci Pin in their plan-to-watch donghua this year.


I made myself a ghost back to life from death, with hatred in my bones and conspiracy brewed for years, sinking into the marsh, into the abyss. All I want is to bury the rotten roots, growing thistles, and thorns which can kill like upas, to stab into the hypocritical civilization.

In the bottom of the muck… I found my Lucida. [Source: Anilist]


Animation Studio and Release Date

Can Ci Pin’s donghua adaptation is animated by Coastline Animation Studio that previously worked on various sci-fi series such as An Jie Shen Shi, Zhong Yue Zhan Ji, Nami Hexin series, and Nanocore.

Even with all the delays and re-confirmation of the donghua project. Can Ci Pin’s release date is not confirmed yet. However, don’t worry as I will update this post as soon as possible when new updates about its release have been revealed by bilibili.


Trailers and Promotional Videos

While we still don’t have the release date, we have plenty of trailers and promotional videos for the upcoming donghua which has been revealed through all these years. Here are all the available trailers for the donghua adaptation so far:


Where to Watch Can Ci Pin?

Now, the next question that we have in mind if we finally get the release date of Can Ci Pin is where to watch the series? Since it is part of bilibili’s Chinese anime lineup for 2021, we can watch it on bilibili. We may also watch it on YouTube if bilibili decided to add the series on their official channel: Anime Made by Bilibili – currently, the Chinese media company is uploading their produced series in there.

So, these are only a few of the details that Chinese anime fans must learn about Can Ci Pin. To the readers of Priest’s novels, which one of their works will you watch as a donghua this 2021? Will it be Can Ci Pin, Silent Reading, or Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire? Please let us know by leaving a comment below and to get the latest updates about the upcoming Chinese anime this year, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.



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