10 Anime With the Best and Epic Anime Theme Songs Out There!

The Seven Deadly Sins Anime - Perfect Time OST
The feeling of doing something epic while setting for an exciting adventure in an unknown world. Such is the effect of listening to epic soundtracks of an anime show which could lead to a fantastic audiovisual experience.
Anime with epic theme songs often have the action/adventure story where the feeling of striving or conquering insurmountable forces is a cliche. But when we said epic, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Badass fight scenes, overpowered characters? Those are just few factors of a bigger picture when talking about epicness in an anime show. I’ll say epic is the vibes, the force of facing something bigger or larger than life. It is a feeling, it is the atmosphere when there is something great bound to happen and such a scenario is always a cliche among the action-adventure-fantasy anime. However, even other genres of anime could also exude the same epicness when properly executed and hit like homes to the viewers.
Thus, let’s meet the anime shows that invested greatly in their theme song, making it sound epic, giving off a fantastic psychedelic ride.

Best and Epic Anime Theme Songs Out There


Attack on Titan
With soundtracks like Guren no Yumiya, Shinzou wo Sasageyo, and Jiryuu no Tsubasa under its helm, Attack on Titan is among those anime shows having both epic stories, theme songs, and animation put all together.

Notable Songs:

  • Guren no Yumiya
  • Jiryuu no Tsubasa
  • Shinzou wo Sasageyo
  • Barricades
  • Reluctant Heroes


The Seven Deadly Sins
Actions? Check!, Adventure? Check!, Astounding fight scenes? Check! The Seven Deadly Sins is undeniably considered as one of the best mainstream action-adventure anime which could be compared to the giant shounen such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy, and Hunter x Hunter. Soundtrack-wise, this anime is never short of effing great theme songs that will send you in trance with its every beat.

Notable Songs:

Guilty Crown
The series may have a mixed reception among the audiences and its story was quite a bumpy ride of both great and disappointing highlights. However, this anime’s greatest strength could be easily distinguished through its soundtracks. Guilty Crown’s theme songs were all filled with epic vibes and utmost emotional impulses. It is safe to conclude that Guilty Crown theme songs can be recognized by audiences even several years ago from now than the anime’s shamelessly beautiful plot.

Notable Songs:

  • My Dearest
  • Bios
  • Departures
  • Euterpe
  • Krone


Angel Beats!
An anime with theme songs embedded with great emotional investments. Angel Beats! soundtracks thrive on the emotional impact that makes it infamous that could drive the listeners to rape the repeat button.

Notable Songs:

  • My Song Your Beats
  • Ichiban no Takaramono
  • Brave Song


Fairy Tail
This anime’s fight scenes and theme songs were utterly both epic and on a league of its own. Being one of the biggest anime of the century and often compared with the “Big 3”, Fairy Tail is both rich in fantastic and emotional plots which sometimes seriously so cliche. Fairy Tail theme songs could be easily considered as among the top tier and the best theme songs that an anime series had ever produced.


Gundam Seed
Personally, I believe that this series is really good aside from the fact that there’s a certain character that ruined all the impression of the epic fight scenes, the complex war of ideologies, and awesome mecha maneuver. Nonetheless, among the strongest points of the anime is its soundtracks.

Notable Songs:

  • Vestige
  • Fields of Hope
  • Honoo no Tobira
  • Invoke
  • Moments
  • Realize
  • Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni


Naruto Shippuden
We have one of the “Big 3” anime here. Epic? Do we still need an explanation about the legendary reputation of this series? Naruto is no doubt among the anime influences of many anime fans, especially those who grew up from the early 2000s up to the early 2010s. What about Naruto theme songs? With its wide arrays of soundtracks, just a single beat and rhythm of these songs were enough to trigger nostalgia.

Notable Songs:

  • GO!!!
  • Youth’s Rhapsody
  • Re:member
  • Hero’s Come Back!!
  • Blue Bird
  • Meteor ~Shooting Star~


One of 2017’s biggest anime titles. An anime series with a unique plot, solid animation, cool fight scenes with upbeat and emotionally triggered theme songs; Re:Creators definitely sits atop the echelon if we’re talking about these aspects.

Notable Songs:

  • Gravity Wall
  • Sh0ut
  • Layers


Your Name.
The highest-grossing anime movie of all time is on our list and one of the anime movies that will make you cry. What else can we look for aside from its out-of-this-world animation and candid romance adventure is the emotionally epic soundtracks brought to us by RADWIMPS.

Notable Songs:

  • Yume Tōrō
  • Zenzenzense
  • Sparkle
  • Nandemonaiya



That ends our list of titles with great anime theme songs that outshines the others when it comes to music and thus, gives us an epic experience and eargasm while listening onto it.

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