9 Revelations to Watch Out for in Fairy Tail Anime’s Final Season

Fairy Tail Anime Final Season 2018
Fairy Tail Anime Final Season 2018

One of the biggest anime title of the decade is coming back this fall of 2018 to present the climax of its story as we draw closer to its denouement. Hiro Mashima’s magical action-adventure manga officially concluded for quite some time already, however its anime adaptation are on its way to deliver the highlight of the entire manga in the highly anticipated Fairy Tail’s final season on October 7, 2018.

'Fairy Tail' Final Season New Key Art
‘Fairy Tail’ Final Season New Key Art
The final season of Fairy Tail anime adaptation will cover the longest and final arc of the manga, the Alvarez Empire arc. Therefore, a lot of so many questions that viewers had in their mind will be finally answer or so we all thought. With all the twists and turns in the plot of Fairy Tail, it always comes down to the point that the way its story ends is quite unpredictable. However, for such anime it always follow a pattern very similar to its giant contemporaries such as One Piece and Naruto. It may be cliché but it always goes with huge victories after a bloody struggle and an intense collision of thoughts, emotions, and strengths of various characters making the entire journey of following its story and watching it unfold a worthwhile experience.

‘Fairy Tail’ Final Season First Official Trailer

Thus, in line with the upcoming return of our favourite mages from Fairy Tail especially Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, and Wendy together with the rest of the guild members and their allies. We will drop some major revelations and stuffs that we, as a fan of the anime should look forward in Fairy Tail’s final season.


Fairy Tail's Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet
The following information that we might drop may contain some huge spoilers thus, read at your own risk. However, rest assured that we will avoid major spoilers and only drop some hints about it in order not to spoil the excitement and anticipation.
Then, shall we start with the first one,

Alvarez Empire

This is the entity that will hinder and antagonize our mages from Fairy Tail. With the disbandment of the guild after their intensely death-defying stint of defeating the strongest dark guild of the Balam Alliance, the Tartaros. Of course, it couldn’t be considered a total victory after of so many sacrifices, and casualties that the guild and their allies suffered under the terror of those evil demons created by the dark mage himself, Zeref. If we all thought just how overpowered the Tartaros members were, we might be caught off-guard with the strength of Alvarez Empire. Tartaros is just a small fry compared to this empire which had been founded and ruled by the great dark wizard Zeref.

Spriggan 12

Fairy Tail's Spriggan 12
Alvarez Empire’s Spriggan 12

The elite members of Alvarez Empire army. They are the bodyguards of Zeref with terrifying strength that could conquered a country in a blink of an eye. Although, the strength of its members may differs as some seems to be stronger than the others, but one thing is sure they will definitely give some hard punch towards our favourite wizards from Fairy Tail guild and their allies. This group of elite magicians could be compared with those overpowered anime organizations such as Akatsuki from Naruto, Phantom Troupe from Hunter x Hunter, Goute 13 from Bleach, League of Villains from Boku no Hero Academia, etc. Among their league is two terrifying figures with enough power to shatter the foundation of the story. One thing is for sure, this group is definitely connected to selected main characters by some unexpected circumstances that will shock many viewers.


The Mage Alliance of Ishgar

Fairy Tail Ishgar Guilds

A loose organization comprised of different mage guilds in the land of Ishgar, mostly connected by a single dot – Fairy Tail. These guilds encountered Fairy Tail by different means, some are on friendly terms with them, and some used to be their former enemies, while others are connected to its members. This mage alliance is spearheaded by Fairy Tail against the usurping forces of Alvarez Empire. Among its members are mage guilds: Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Crime Sorcière (together with the remnants of Oracion Seis that joined them), and members of the Ten Wizard Saints.

Natsu Dragneel’s Background

Fairy Tail's Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel

We all know that Natsu is Zeref’s younger brother as this fact had been revealed and hinted several times in the previous season of the anime. A hint about Natsu being E.N.D. had been dropped too during the battle against Tartaros. Known as Ethereal Natsu Dragneel, the ultimate demon that Zeref specially created to end his life and the Ankhseram cursed on him. In the upcoming final season of Fairy Tail, a detailed introduction about his dark and tragic past shall be revealed and his relationship with Dragneel as well as the other Dragon-slayers, together with the path that he choose that change the course of Fairy Tail’s story.


Origin of Dragon-Slaying Magic

Fairy Tail's Dragon Slaying Magic
Dragon-Slaying Magic

The creator of Dragon-Slaying magic shall be introduced and how this magic originally started. The bloody story behind this terrifying magic shall be told in a tragic narration of comradeship, dreams, survival, and abandonment.


Wendy’s New Power and Chelia’s Sacrifice

Fairy Tail's Wendy Marvell
Wendy Marvell

The bond between Wendy and Chelia in this arc will be even closer as one of them made a great sacrifice to save the other. Wendy also got a super upgrade with her power as she finally gained a very special magic that will make her even contend against an enemy with a god-power.

Zeref and Mavis’ Child

8af7d fairy tail mavis zeref 9 Revelations to Watch Out for in Fairy Tail Anime’s Final Season
Mavis and Zeref

The child of great power who possess the blood of the dark mage himself and the fairy tactician. Personally, I thought that the fate of this child is one of the most tragic and sorrowful part of this story as he long for the affection of both parents despite of standing in the pinnacle of this world where magic is everything. The name of Mavis and Zeref’s child shall be revealed in this new season of Fairy Tail.


Gray as a Demon-Slayer

Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster

Gray gained the ability as a demon-slayer from his father, thus all the demons created by Zeref are subject to his power. However, it won’t come easy and the struggle against those demons is real. Gray will face-off against some of the strongest demons created by Zeref this time, and one of them is no other than E.N.D. It is worth watching which path he took and the choice that he made in order to save his bestfriend Natsu.

Erza Scarlet’s Mother

Fairy Tail's Irene Berserion
Eileen Berserion

One of the biggest surprises and revelation that we should look forward is a glimpse on Erza’s past. She definitely deserves to be called Titania as she had survived despite of so many hardships that she encountered even though she’s still in the womb of her mother. A single thing is sure though, Erza is not your ordinary royalty, we’ll finally meet Erza Scarlet’s mother this time around, what kind of a woman did bore a ferociously strong lady such as Titania.

These are only few of the heavy surprises that may caught us offguard in the upcoming Fairy Tail final seasonthis fall. Although there are other big revelations aside from this, we could actually save it for later and simply get ready for astounding adventure of action, fun, and magic in the final chapter of Fairy Tail. Now, it’s time to FIRE it up.

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