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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Guilty Crown – Shamelessly Beautiful to its Core

The Everlasting Guilty Crown

The right to use my friend as a weapon, that is the sinful crown I shall adorn.

Shamelessly and beautifully done, it couldn’t be more perfect than this. Guilty Crown had been on a league of its own in the anime history despite of some negative reviews which I think simply reflects some of the lesser factors that the production team had ignored. However, on a grand scale, Guilty Crown had been a cult to anime viewers due to its massive questions on human philosophy, emotional impacts, legendary OSTs, and further subjects that raise the concern on human ethics, choices, and the vague corruption that revolves around the society itself and resides in the human hearts. This anime simply embodies the presentation of human’s diverse desires, needs, and coping up changes and the fate itself. Furthermore, it is your typical love story with the sci-fi and political factors in the background. It’s the “man loves girl” story that defies the world itself in order to prove that their love for each other conquers everything. Overall, Guilty Crown is a conflicting story of human’s emotions and how such feelings affect their lives and changes their fate.

Guilty Crown Inori Yuzuriha

In my own standard, technically there’s nothing special with Guilty Crown. It’s very simple, plain to its core with average character designs and animation. The only character that seriously marks on people’s mind after seeing the visuals might be the enigmatic and flawless appearance of Inori. What’s makes this anime very special was its power to wreck someone’s heart. On my end, it seriously shattered my heart; every episode left me anguish, angry, melancholic, and insane. Story wise, Guilty Crown was too average that invested on the emotional impacts and the godlike songs that were featured in the entire run of the series.

Guilty Crown Shu Ouma

The character development are rigid and only occurred on few individuals in the story especially Shu, although it took place in the last half of the story. Inori still presents that mysterious and innocent atmosphere during the entire run; she’s like the thorny fragile rose amidst the vines in a deserted place. Guilty Crown’s characters are very similar to some of the mainstream anime out there with wide ensemble of interesting yet unexplored character stories.

Guilty Crow Inori Yuzuriha

Guilty Crown Funeral Parlor

Guilty Crown’s animation was decently done even though it’s too average. In fact, it’s worth-watching despite of some confusing scenes. What really makes the animation great is the insertion of amazing songs which were perfectly done and matched for some of the most epic scenes in the anime.

Guilty Crown Shu Ouma

Finally, the songs in the anime were truly amazing, mesmerizing. The song itself embodies all the emotions and messages that the anime feel and desires to deliver to the viewers. On my end, I have these legendary four (4) Guilty Crown OSTs that always shines among the best. These are My Dearest, BIOS, Departures, and Euterpe. These 4 songs are genuinely great that perfectly tell the story, emotions and issues that Guilty Crown is trying to convey in every scenes.

Ideally, Guilty Crown is a must-watch anime for the millennial. A story in a world of inequality and resembles a dystopian atmosphere which is timely relevant in today’s society. It’s not just a love story between 2 young people, it’s a story of love between parents and child, acceptance oneself, discovering your own purpose, giving value to friendship, and showing who you really are. These are only few of those things that Guilty Crown is trying to convey to the viewers and they perfectly executed these objectives. For anime viewers and fanatics, Guilty Crown is one of those precious gems that simply shine on its own although it was usually compared to the likes of Code Geass, Gundam Seed, and Psycho-Pass. However, we can’t simply compare anime series based on its story alone and the character designs and development, even the OSTs and the message it is trying to deliver. One important factor to consider is the emotional impact that an anime gives to you. It varies depending on the story and character development, or simply with the plain behaviors on which we as anime viewers and as individuals easily connects with the characters. We feel their pains, their joy, their loss, their victory, and their desires.

Guilty Crown Shu & Hare

Guilty Crown is truly a beautiful piece of art that today’s generation of anime viewers must see. The story may be shameless, heartless, and full of faults but these flaws simply resonates with our hearts as we humans aren’t meant to be perfect. We’re supposed to made errors, endure defeat and loss, go insane, aspire for shameless ambitions, and get corrupted just like some of the major characters in the Guilty Crown story are. At the end, what really matters is the redeeming nature that we as human beings have in our heart. Guilty Crown teaches us to never let of the past, endure its outcome and live with hope for a brighter future as the person you had become.

Guilty Crown Photo Gallery

Guilty Crown Characters

Guilty Crown Shu Sword

Guilty Crown Visual

Guilty Crown Void Genome

Guilty Crown Inori & Shu

Guilty Crown Inori Yuzuriha

Guilty Crown Mana Ouma

Guilty Crown Mana Ouma

Guilty Crown Inori and Gai

Guilty Crown Mana & Gai

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