Killing Stalking Webtoon – My First Impression [Vol. 1]

Killing Stalking webtoon

Ever imagine falling in love with the perfect person only to find out later on that he is the exact opposite of the person you’d dream of?

Killing Stalking, a webtoon that caught my interest a few weeks ago when I am writing my list of recommended BL webtoons; first and foremost it got my interest because of the psychological elements in its story. Upon reading the synopsis, I know I’ll gonna like this, it’s just a huge turn-on for my lunatic side until I started reading it today and a lot of realizations had come rushing down to my head.

So, I’ll gonna share my first impression or initial thoughts about Killing Stalking; my likes and dislikes, the moral standard that readers have to deal with first upon reading it, and the trauma that might comes with it. So, grab your cup of coffee or tea and had some popcorns as this might be a bit complex as my lunatic personality.


Killing Stalking is a Korean webtoon by author and artist Koogi, it touches various genres such as boys-love (albeit it’s quite far from this if I have to look at it upon initial reading), I think what might be an appropriate label is abusive BDSM, psychopathic story. Nevertheless, it also comes with drama and psychological thrill.


Yoon Bum is a scrawny, awkward man who suffers from mental illness and has an unhealthy romantic fixation with popular college student Oh Sangwoo. He’s taken to stalking the object of his obsession, even going so far as to break into Sangwoo’s home; but the horrors he discovers in the young man’s basement are beyond his darkest nightmares. His would-be prince charming is actually a serial killer, and when Bum is caught trespassing, he soon learns that breaking into a psychopath’s house is a lot easier than getting out…


My Thoughts

Alright, so let me share my initial thoughts here. I only started reading the webtoon today and upon writing this post, I am still at Volume 1. Oh man, the first chapter is already intense and creepy. I’ll gonna take this story a bit personal, because as a gay guy, I quite fancy people with hidden personality, I like guys with a strong personality and could be a bit creepy or have that murderous aura at some point but that is knowing that I am at a safe distance. It feels like in reading Killing Stalking, you have to put yourself in the shoes of Yoon Bum (the main protagonist) and have to come face to face with the devil himself.

Killing Stalking - Yoon Bum

Killing Stalking’s main character: Yoon Bum

I can do that, but I’ll definitely not allowed myself to get hurt or abused that way, I’ll definitely crawl out, fight back, and even kill Sangwoo (nope, not yet I’ll have to torture him first). Back to the story, Yoon Bum is our typical hopeless lonely guy who only devotes himself to stalking Sangwoo. That’s already a sign that this story won’t be a healthy one to follow but for us with weird taste, it feels like ambrosia, an addiction.

But I literally have to agree that Yoon Bum is crazy af, breaking into the house of the person you like, stalking him that way, you definitely dig your own grave, even if Sangwoo is not a psychopath. Under normal circumstances, you can get yourself behind the bar by doing so.

So, he got caught by Sangwoo and the excruciating experience and dilemma follow. Imagine the perfect image of your dream guy got busted right in front of you as he unveiled his evil side? That actually turns me on, but I’ll have to say no to that option. That was crazy, that was heartbreaking and literally painful for Yoon Bum. As the story goes on, I can’t imagine how mentally troublesome, confusing, and damaging Yoon Bum’s situation had become.

Killing Stalking - Yoon Bum hurt by Sangwoo

Killing Stalking – Yoon Bum hurt by Sangwoo

On the other hand, Sangwoo is the product of his cruel environment. He grew up in a family with an abusive father, thus, his outlook in life had been twisted until the time that he committed his first crime, and that is killing his father. He might have found solace in the presence of death and that might have been his driving force to kill people. So, my next question would be – will I go on a date with Sangwoo? I think I will but that ends there, I would love to have a long conversation with him and find out how his twisted mind would work.

Killing Stalking the serial killer Oh Sangwoo

The serial killer, Oh Sangwoo

Alright, Killing Stalking got my blood excited. I like the premise and how the story progresses so far, but some of the development had caught me immediately off guard and I felt like the story is running at such a fast pace. I can sympathize with Yoon Bum for his pain and fear, but I’ll never understand his way of thinking, albeit this is the type of obsession that I think is quite rampant towards many people nowadays. Yoon Bum and Sangwoo’s relationship is obviously far from perfect but I am excited to see how things will unfold.

On Mental and Psychological Aspect

Killing Stalking goes beyond a normal boys-love or romance story that the medium could offer. It deals with what society often mislook. This is why mental health is important, we don’t want the world to be filled with another Yoon Bum. It is okay to fall in love and feel affection but there should be a limit. The boundary will help us to know when to stop and decide what’s better for ourselves. This webtoon touches on themes of obsession, depression, helplessness, and abuse.

Furthermore, we don’t want to have another Sangwoo who had been molded by the wretched environment that he had as a child. This is also a story that touches on family issues, and how a person can be emotionally detached from the world.

I am still in the early chapters of the webtoon, thus, what I can only give here is my partial thoughts yet it might be my impulsive nature that can’t contain all the energy that I got from that urge me to post this. However, Killing Stalking is an exciting bl webtoon that will give you a bit of scare in every chapter and I’ll definitely let you guys know what will be my final impression on this in the near future. So, if you had reached this part, thank you for reading my lunatic rants and thoughts about it.


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