Fire Force Gay Ships: Why Are You Looking For This?

With so many hot guys in it, many sure are asking for Fire Force gay ships but why are we even looking for this?

Alright, many of you might be asking why I am posting an unusual topic like this but first I am gay so I might actually enjoy talking about this. Second, someone has been searching for this keyword in my blog so I might as well give them the pleasure of showing what they’re looking for.

fire force gay ships

So, why are we even searching for Fire Force gay ships? Let me get straight to the point, why not? Fire Force had some of the most handsome and hottest anime guys we’d ever seen and it’s not even on the bishounen category yet. But the popular shounen anime did have so many characters that we can ship in any way we want, we can ship a male and female character; a male to male ships as well as all girls too. You can even ship Arthur and his sword, Obi and his dumbbell, and a whole lot more but that were beyond any peculiar things I could think of.

In line with the fact that someone has been looking for Fire Force gay ships in my blog, and I even got the same search keyword from the Search Engines, I’ll share here some of the shippable male characters of Fire Force that many fujoshi might also enjoy out there. Let me give you a warning though, my imagination could be a bit weird than everyone else.

Fire Force Gay Ships

Akitaru Obi and Vulcan Joseph

fire force gay obi and vulcan

Fire Drill cover (a yaoi fanfiction of Fire Force)

Sorry ladies, I’ve been shipping Captain Obi and Vulcan for so long and they just have one of the best chemistry in the entire series. While Vulcan had his girl, and I am also low-key shipping Obi with Princess Hibana, these two unpowered characters just made the perfect duo.

In fact, there’s a yaoi fanfiction called “Fire Drill” which was made by artist @cresxart on Twitter. So, you can expect something edgy and gay from this duo in that dojin.

Shinmon Benimaru and Joker

Fire Force Benimaru and Joker

A tag team of two evils and they are both literally hot, Captain Shinmon Benimaru and Joker, the 4th Pillar’s guardian are just awesome when they are together. They are like predators standing on the same ground and while they have differences in belief, they both have amazing chemistry together as an ally.

Shinra Kusakabe and Arthur Boyle

fire force arthur and shinra

This list will not be completed without the main character himself and his best buddy through all these years – Shinra Kusakabe and Arthur Boyle. Just like how we ship some popular shounen MC like Naruto & Sasuke, Natsu & Gray, Meliodas & Ban, and Asta & Yuno; Shinra and Arthur sure are two sides of the same coin. Furthermore, many fans like Shinra and Tamaki together but can we all agree that Shinra and Arthur is the most popular ship in Fire Force and we don’t see any sign of it sinking at all?

Shinmon Benimaru and Konro Sagamiya

Fire Force Benimaru and Konro

We have Captain Shinmon back here and this time, we’re shipping him with his Vice-Captain, Konro Sagamiya. Why wouldn’t we ship them? Konro sacrifice so much just to save Shinmon during the disastrous Fire of Asakusa. Isn’t that enough testament of one’s affection? Anyway, they sure have a friendship and companionship that many of us might be envious of.

Akitaru Obi and Takehisa Hinawa

Fire Force Obi and Hinawa

Not really a huge ship for me but Captain Obi and Vice-Captain Hinawa sure have a unique relationship that is not often exploited in the story yet we all know that there’s some kind of serious trust and friendship between them. Meanwhile, I don’t think we have any Fire Force gay character here but for some reason, my brain cells are shouting that Obi could be the closest one to it. In my native colloquial language in Filipino, I think I can call him ‘paminta‘ and ‘borta‘, srsly loves him though. ^^

Alright, so these are all my favorite Fire Force gay ships that I think fans might agree with at some point. However, if you think that the list is over, you’re absolutely wrong. Here’s another one:

Fire Force Ogun Montgomery

Ogun Montgomery and [YOURS TRULY]

Just kidding. I’m sorry guys, I just really adore Ogun and I felt like I badly need to flex him here. I am not shipping him with anyone else as I only want him all for myself. (haha) ^^

Anyway, I shall end this post here. So, let me ask you guys, are there are characters from Fire Force that you gay ship aside from the ones I had mentioned above? Please let me know by leaving a comment below and I’ll try to add them to the list once I update this post. Do you want to read more? You may check my previously published posts: Fire Force Anime Hot Boys, and Fire Force Smoking Hot Girls.

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