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Fire Force Anime Boys

David Production’s Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai) had been one of the most outstanding shounen anime that our community had since last year. The anime is seriously hot and lit in any aspect including its solidly animated fight scenes, beautifully-designed characters, intriguing post-apocalyptic plot, and many more.

As anime fans, we tended to look beyond the surface and find deeper meaning in its story, while also savoring the plate that was presented in front of us. In my end, one of the things that I really find delightful with the Fire Force is its characters. How can this anime have almost every character in it be smoking hot? Literally, they can ignite flames but there’s more to their hotness aside from the fire they can combust. In various ways, Fire Force was able to give us plenty of fanservice and there’s no way we will complain about it as we all have our fair shares of getting excited about it.

Fire Force Boys Company 8
Fire Force Boys from Company 8

In this post, I’ll have to consider this as a treat for girls and gays out there as we would like to present to you the hottest Fire Force boys‘ from the series. For men out there, don’t worry, we’ll follow up this post about our sexy Fire Force ladies, after all, I am a huge fan of Princess Hibana. Nonetheless, I’ll start with the boys since my gay heart couldn’t handle them. Well, I’ll list them based on my own preferences as follows:

Akitaru Obi

Fire Force Akitaru Obi


At the top of my list of hot Fire Force men is Company 8’s battalion commander, Captain Akitaru Obi. He doesn’t need any special power to lit some flame, this muscle thug could dominate the floor in terms of machismo and charisma despite his kinda laid-back personality.

Shinmon Benimaru

Fire Force Shinmon Benimaru


One of the strongest Fire Force men, Captain Shinmon Benimaru from Company 7 landed at our 2nd spot. I think he is the tsundere-type, and behind that snobbish personality, he could be the guy that any lady out there would love to date with.

Shinra Kusakabe

Fire Force Shinra Kusakabe


I’m putting our main character Shinra at the 3rd spot for the hottest boy in Fire Force. He’s definitely hotter than any fire out there due to his Adolla Burst. Can we all agree that this voice makes him even sexier? Well, we gotta give that credit to his voice actor Gakuto Kajiwara who also voiced the energetic Asta from Black Clover.

Ogun Montgomery

FIre Force Ogun Montgomery


My personal biases are taking over here but this new character from Fire Force Season 2 caught my attention for various reasons. He’s hot, he’s handsome, and his special ability is really interesting.

Vulcan Joseph

Fire Force Vulcan Joseph


At 5thplace in my list is Vulcan Joseph, Company 8 resident engineer. He’s also the lover boy in the group who took in Lisa and Yuu. Vulcan’s character designs remind me of Sasori from Naruto.

Arthur Boyle

Fire Force Arthur Boyle


The type of genius that people often ignore, Arthur is our resident knight in the Fire Force universe. He is crazy and fun to have around, sometimes, we can’t even stop ourselves from shipping him with Shinra. Speaking of ships, I have some weird thoughts sometimes that Fire Force could have some legit gay ships, cough cough, Vulcan, and Obi, or it’s just my imagination!

Takehisa Hinawa

Fire Force Takehisa Hinawa


Next in our list is our resident four-eyes Vice-Captain from Company 8, Takehisa Hinawa. A walking rule book, he’s that handsome type of student in class who seems like a member of the school’s disciplinary committee if Fire Force is some shoujo-school anime series.

Leonard Burns

Fire Force Leonard Burns


Old but gold, probably the oldest hottest man from Fire Force anime series. Despite his age, he still has what it takes to capture women’s hearts out there or he’s just plainly handsome after all those years.


Fire Force Joker


We have here one of the characters from Fire Force that anime viewers find as mysterious. Yes, Joker is shrouded in mysteries but he is also the character that I felt like I fell in love with due to his involvement with Shinra, and the fact that I learned that he is an ally of our main characters makes him an even interesting guy. He’s the type of anime character I’d like to date someday though.

Victor Licht

Fire Force Victor Licht


I always have a thing for intelligent people and Victor Licht who seems like our mad scientist is among Fire Force characters that I would like to have a chat with over a cup of coffee or tea. While he had ulterior motives, his desire to help his comrades is something I truly admire in him.

Flam Karim

Fire Force Flam Karim


If you think that priest can’t be hot, then Flam Karim from Company 1 will prove you wrong. This guy can also be cool as his power lets him convert the heat energy into sound energy that lets him produced ice that he used to attack or freeze his opponent.

Purt Co Pan

I’m also putting our whistle guy on this list. Am I weird for comparing him to Arthur to some extent as I  felt like they have some kind of bizarre resemblance in various ways.

Sagamiya Konro

Fire Force Sagamiya Konro


We have here the second in command of Fire Force Company 7 and he’s someone we can’t stop from shipping with our Captain Benimaru.

Rekka Hoshimiya

Fire Force Rekka Hoshimiya


A member of the White-Clad and we all know he died from Fire Force season 1 but I have to admit that Rekka is a hot anime character. Furthermore, he’s quite insane which I think further adds some flavor on his charm. He’s quite the lunatic though.

Sho Kusakabe

Fire Force Sho Kusakabe


Next in our list is a kid but let’s admit it, Sho is actually more handsome than his older brother Shinra. He’s quite the complicated character but deserves a spot on this list.

While we still have plenty of characters from the manga that didn’t appear in Fire Force anime adaptation. I shall end my list of hottest male characters from Fire Force here. If you have some characters that you would like to be added, please let us know in the comment section below.

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