A Complete List of Must-Watch Chinese Anime this 2019

The new year is finally here and it only means that it is time once again to look for new anime titles to watch and follow. In line with this, Yu Alexius Anime Portal is back with the usual stuff of recommending anime titles that everybody will surely enjoy this 2019 no matter what genres you’re looking for and preferences that you have.

Chinese Anime 2019: Wings of the World Donghua


Our most popular post last year is the list of Chinese anime airing on 2018 and since it’s new year, we’re back with a set of brand new Chinese anime and sequels that everyone will definitely watch-out for this 2019. Therefore, we are truly honored to present some of the best and most anticipated Chinese anime of 2019 to further spread the reach of donghua (Chinese anime) community.

The following titles are the must-watch Chinese anime airing this 2019 – some were sequel of giant anime titles in the past years while the others were new anime shows with promising plots.

Chinese Anime 2019 - Bilibili Shows
Chinese Anime 2019 – Bilibili Shows


First in our list were the gigantic sequels of some of the most popular Chinese anime shows in the recent years as follows:

The King’s Avatar Season 2

The King's Avatar Season 2
The King’s Avatar Season 2 Key Visual

First in our list is no other than the God Ye Xiu and his gang from the Glory Professional Alliance and Happy Internet Cafe as they are back to continue the fun e-sports drama and adventure in the upcoming The King’s Avatar Season 2.

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Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Season 2

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Season 2
Wei Wuxian | Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji and the rest of our favorite cultivators from 2018’s best Chinese anime – Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation or also known as the Founder of Diabolism is coming back this summer of 2019 for the continuation of the story which promises more drama and delving deeper into the conspiracy of the cultivation world.

You may check the trailer for Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Season 2 here.

The Legend and the Hero Season 3

Wu Geng Ji Season 3
Wu Geng Ji Season 3 Key Visual

One of the most popular Chinese anime that took us by storm way back on 2016 is back for its 3rd season with the promise of an even greater and bigger adventure.

Battle through the Heavens Season 3

Battle through the Heavens Season 3
Yi Xian | Battle Through the Heavens

Xiao Yan will continue his journey on searching for the Heavenly Flames in the 3rd season of Battle through the Heavens and his life-changing encounter with Queen Medusa shall be revealed. The anime’s season 3 officially premiered on July 21, 2019.

The Outcast Season 3

The Outcast Season 3

The action-mystery Hitori no Shita: The Outcast is back for its 3rd season.

Killer Seven Season 2

Killer Seven Chinese Anime

A rather peculiar yet pretty decent action anime on which main characters are using scissors to kill people, aren’t that exciting and thought-provoking? This time, the anime went with another title SCISSOR SEVEN instead of following its original title.

Everlasting Immortal Firmament Season 3

Everlasting Immortal Firmament

One of the most hilarious anime that I had ever seen is back and I could only tell everyone to prepare yourself for too much profanity, and some heavy dosage of oxymoron, and satirical humors with a very fun animation.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker Season 7

Fox Spirit Matchmaker

One of the longest-running Chinese anime, Fox Spirit Matchmaker is the perfect show for you to check out this year if you’re looking for both fun and relaxing adventure with typical Chinese plot.

Qin’s Moon / The Legend of Qin Season 6

Qin's Moon / The Legend of Qin Season 6

This is another chance to see Ge Nie and Tianming once again as our hero continue his journey.

Rakshasa Street Season 2

Rakshasa Street Season 2
Rakshasa Street Season 2 Key Visual

I think Rakshasa Street is among the best Chinese anime of all-time that could be line-up on the same league as Wu Geng Ji, and The Legend of Qin; and I couldn’t be more happy to know that it’s back for a 2nd season. In fact, the upcoming Rakshasa Street season 2 is adapted from one of the best arc of the fantasy manhua written by Xu Chen. In a new update, Rakshasa Street season 2 release date is scheduled on December 28, 2019.

New key visuals for Rakshasa Stret Season 2




Stellar Transformations / Legend of Immortal Season 2

Legend of Immortal 2

The recently concluded Stellar Transformations also known as the Legend of Immortal is scheduled to return for its 2nd season on Fall 2019.



Vertical World

Chinese Anime 2019: Vertical World


Synopsis: In a vertical world, there’s a vertical city, and it’s filled with wonders:A long-tailed elementary student and a big white dog’s “forbidden romance;” a fairy tale space filled with flying axes; a nekomimi girl that strips the more she time-travels; a kindergarten taking care of weightless dinosaurs; an animation company that doesn’t animate…… all these stories will appear in this vertical world.


Fog Hill of Five Elements

Chinese Anime 2019: Fog Hill of Five Elements


Synopsis: A legend tells that long ago, monsters could give the ability to some elected to master the five elements. But for that, you have to go through the dangerous misty mountains … We follow the adventures of one of these elected!



Chinese Anime 2019: Incarnation


Synopsis: In the not-too-distant future, the human world has long been overpopulated. Humanity marched to the stars in search of a new home, and just as this was going on, the moon’s alignment caused massive earthquakes to ripple across the world, lasting several decades. Humanity was demolished. When the land finally recovered, humanity reemerged to face this strange yet familiar world. Will we, who once lorded over this domain, still remain the masters of this world?


The Leader

Chinese Anime 2019: The Leader (Specials)


Synopsis: Marx is an accomplished man, he spent his life working on his ideals, awakening the slumbering proletariat of the world, deeply impacting the progress of history. Marx is also a normal man, he had an obstructed romance with Jenny, and his friendship with Engels almost didn’t come to be, in the end, he would pass onto legend.


Wings of the World

Chinese Anime 2019: Wings of the World

Synopsis: 1663 Common Era, the youngest leader of the Ming dynasty’s navy Lu Changfeng is to escort an official to capture criminals, but was attacked by a ghost fleet and sea beasts, causing the entire envoy to be sunk. Lu Changfeng was saved by a mysterious girl from the ocean bottom, and followed her to the international center of commerce of the Age of Sail: Luzon. At the time, over 70% of the Ming dynasty’s silver was obtained from Luzon, and this tiny island determined the fate of several nations. Spanish settlers cruelly ruled, and people of all walks of life, under the guidance of Song Yingxing, constructed the international finance center: the Kingdom of Wan. Despite disagreements with Song Yingxing, Lu Changfeng still chose to join Song’s team: 天工, participating in the struggle against Spanish settlers with others. Both factions used bleeding edge technological inventions in their battle. To resist the enemy genius Vesalius‘s weapon, Song Yingxing manipulates Lu Changfeng, bringing out his days fighting Vesalius in Korea, etc.

The following figure shows additional original Chinese anime of 2019.
original Chinese anime of 2019
Fig. 1 – Chinese Anime Shows 2019 – Original




Martial Universe

Chinese Anime 2019: Martial Universe
The 2nd installment of The Great Ruler trilogy had been adapted into an anime adaptation. This is the 2nd book of the same author that brought us Battle through the Heavens.

Cinderella Chef/Adorable Food Goddess

Chinese Anime 2018: Adorable Food Goddess

Synopsis: Modern food magazine editor and daughter of a fine cuisine family Ye Jiayao time-travels to the final years of the Southern Song, becoming the eldest daughter Ye Jinxuan of Yangzhou’s Ye Binghuai. As the bride of Xia Chunyu, the undercover bandit is filled with wariness, suspecting her of being a spy. However, her strange ways and exquisite cooking gradually won his heart. And Ye Jiayao also found that this bandit is nothing so simple…………

Great Journey of Teenagers / Juvenile Song

Chinese Anime 2019: Great Journey of Teenagers / Juvenile Song

Synopsis: After Great Master Wangyou of Hanshui Si passed, a mysterious golden coffin appeared, inciting upheaval in the jianghu. All kinds of factions face off against one another, Lu Wujie, Xiao Se, Tang Lian, Sikong Qianluo, heavenly maid Rui all enter the struggle as a story revolving around this golden coffin is revealed.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker Season 7

Qin’s Moon 6th Season

AOTU World Season 3

Chinese Anime 2019: AOTU World Season 3

The Demonic King Chases His Wife

Chinese Anime 2019: The Demonic King Chases His Wife

Synopsis: She, a renowned assassin of the 21st century, actually crossed over to become Su Manor’s most useless good-for-nothing Fourth Miss. He, Jin Empire’s imperial highness, was an emotionless overbearing demonic tyrant with unrivaled talent. Everyone knew that she was idiotic and good-for-nothing and bullied her as they pleased. But only he, the overbearing tyrant with the discerning eye, wouldn’t let go of her even if his life depended on it.

Providence at Dawn

Chinese Anime 2019: Providence at Dawn

Synopsis: This world has been destroyed once before. In the year 2060, a huge meteor landed in the center of the North Pole causing global disasters, but also bringing opportunities for evolution through “The Crystal From Other Side”. Now, humans make their home in the sky in the city of Utopia. But the sky is filled with endless crusades. The Number 85 District, the largest of the sky fortresses, slowly repels the attacks from invading alien forces and terrorists in the shadows. Lu, a young orphan, joins the crew of the Flying Dolphin at the right time. The “Original Impact of Doomsday” symbolizes the beginning of a new world. This is the best and the most beautiful time in the history – until he appears..

Everlasting Immortal Firmament Season 3

Meanwhile, the following are among the Chinese anime this 2019 that we highly advised you to add on your watchlist which wasn’t mentioned yet above.
  • Hundred Spirits Index
  • Magmell of the Sea Blue
  • On Your Mark
  • Tian Bao Fuyao Lu
  • Wo Kai Dong Wu Yuan Na Xie Nian
  • Song of Time – Rhapsody of Flowers and Flames
  • Record of Unusual Creatures
  • Access Denied
  • Nothingness of man – The God of love life
  • The Daily Life of the Immortal King
These are only few of the most anticipated Chinese anime of 2019, please see figures below for the complete set of upcoming donghua this year.
Chinese Anime Shows 2019
Fig. 2.1: Chinese Anime Shows 2019 Part 1


Chinese Anime Shows 2019
Fig. 2.2 Chinese Anime Shows 2019 Part 2
That ends our list, so which one entice you the most? Please let us know which Chinese anime this 2019 captured your interest by leaving a comment below.
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