An Emotional Story of Love and Vengeance Revealed in the Onmyoji’s Nokanshi Animated Teaser

Onmyoji's Nokanshi

Onmyoji Nokanshi is an upcoming installment of the popular online game Onmyoji – a 3D RPG developed by NetEase Games. The story revolves around Onmyoji – a practitioner of of the art of onmyōdō on which the player could summoned spirits (shikigami), form contracts with them and defeat enemies with their help. 

In Onmyoji Nokanshi, the animated teaser features an intense story of love, vengeance, and affection which were perfectly animated to produced an emotional impact to the hearts of the viewers. The animation were beautifully made with a rather high quality combination of 2D and 3D animation.

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