The King’s Avatar Trivia: Player Titles, Account Titles, Achievements & Pair/Duo Titles

The King's Avatar - Team Happy
The King’s Avatar – Team Happy
There are still few more months before we get the chance to see Ye Xiu as Lord Grim in The King’s Avatar season 2 which was previously announced to return on 2019. Thus, I would like to share this short trivia about our favorite characters and accounts from Glory Professional Alliance. These details include the titles held by selective players, titles given to a certain Glory accounts (usually obtained by the God-level accounts), the achievements awarded by the Glory Alliance, and lastly; the titles given for some of the most interesting and promising pair/duo from different teams of the alliance.
**Beware of spoilers!


  • Ye Xiu: 荣耀教科书 Glory Textbook / Battle God / Master Tactician / God of Glory
  • Wang Jiexi: 魔术师 Magician
  • Liu Xiaobie: 手速达人 Hand Speed Expert
  • Du Ming: 狂剑 Berserk Blade Master
  • Xu Bin: 磨王 Grind King
  • Fang Shiqian: 治疗之神 God of Healing
  • Fang Rui: 黄金右手 Golden Right Hand /  猥琐大师 Master of Playing Dirty
  • Huang Shaotian: 妖刀 Demon Sword
  • Song Xiao: 关键先生 Mr. Key Point
  • Yu Wenzhou: Master Tactician
  • Zhou Zekai: Gun King / Glory’s Number One

The King's Avatar God Accounts-Players


These titles belong to the account, not the player. Some players are known as number one of their class, but it’s not a title. 
  • 一叶之秋 One Autumn Leaf 斗神 Battle God 
  • 大漠孤烟 Desert Dust 拳皇 King of Fighting 
  • 夜雨声烦 Troubling Rain 剑圣 Sword Saint 
  • 一枪穿云 Cloud Piercer 枪王 Great Gunner

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The following accounts have the title of Number One of their class:

The King's Avatar
  • 逢山鬼泣 Crying Devil, One Phantom Demon
  • 沐雨橙风 Dancing Rain, Launcher
  • 海无量 Boundless Sea, Qi Master
  • 石不转 Immovable Rock, Cleric
  • 百花缭乱 Dazzling Hundred Blossoms, Spitfire
  • 王不留行 Vaccaria, Witch
  • 独活 Angelica, Knight
  • 索克萨尔 Swoksaar, Warlock
  • 无浪 Empty Waves, Spellblade
  • 云山乱 Chaotic Cloudy Mountain, Grappler
  • 风景杀 Scenery Killer, Assassin
  • 风城烟雨 Windy Rain, Elementalist
  • 林暗草惊 Dark Forest, Ninja
  • 生灵灭 Life Extinguisher, Mechanic
  • 落花狼藉 Blossoming Chaos, Berserker
  • 唐三打 Demon Subduer, Brawler
  • 扫地焚香 Peaceful Hermit, Exorcist
  • 鬼迷神疑 Doubtful Demon, Thief
  • 防风 Wind Guard, Paladin


Troubling Rain & Swoksaar
Troubling Rain & Swoksaar
  • 双花组合 Blossom Duo: Sun Zheping and Zhang Jiale 
  • 双一组合 Double One: Zhou Zekai and Sun Xiang 
  • 剑与诅咒 Sword and Curse: Huang Shaotian and Yu Wenzhou 
  • 虚空双鬼 Void Ghostblade Duo: Li Xuan and Wu Yuce 
  • 犯罪组合 Criminal Duo: Lin Jingyan and Fang Rui


The King's Avatar

最有价值选手 MVP (Most Valuable Player) 

  • Ye Qiu, 
  • Ye Qiu, 
  • Ye Qiu, 
  • Han Wenqing, 
  • Zhang Jiale, 
  • Huang Shaotian, 
  • Wang Jiexi, 
  • Zhou Zekai, 
  • Zhou Zekai, 
  • Ye Xiu 

最佳新人 Best Rookie  

Tang Rou's Soft Mist
Tang Rou’s Soft Mist
  • N/A, 
  • N/A, 
  • Wang Jiexi, 
  • Zhang Xinjie, 
  • Zhou Zekai, 
  • Yu Feng, 
  • Sun Xiang, 
  • Zhao Yuzhe, 
  • Lu Hanwen, 
  • Tang Rou 

守擂之星 Arena Star

The King's Avatar - Sun Xiang
Sun Xiang
  • Ye Qiu (1st season)
  • Ye Qiu (2nd season)
  • Zhou Zekai (8th season)
  • Sun Xiang (10th season)

单挑之王 King of Duels 

  • Liu Xiaobie (8th season)
  • Liu Xiaobie (9th season)
  • Ye Xiu (10th season)

擂台最可靠选手 Most Reliable Player (in the Group Arena)

The King's Avatar - Zhou Zekai
 Zhou Zekai
  • Zhou Zekai (8th season)

一击必杀 One Hit One Kill

  • Ye Qiu (1st season)
  • Huang Shaotian (8th season)
  • Zhou Zekai (9th season)
  • Zhou Zekai (10th season)

最佳搭挡 Best Pair/Partners

  • Sun Zheping & Zhang Jiale (2nd season)
  • Sun Zheping & Zhang Jiale (3rd season)
  • Ye Xiu & Su Mucheng (4th season)
  • Ye Xiu & Su Mucheng (5th season)
  • Ye Xiu & Su Mucheng (6th season)
  • Ye Xiu & Su Mucheng (7th season)
  • Li Xuan & Wu Yuce (8th season)
  • Li Xuan & Wu Yuce (9th season)
  • Zhou Zekai & Sun Xiang (10th season)

刮目相看 Rising Star 

  • Tang Hao (8th season)

最有进步奖 Most Improved Player 

  • Zou Yuan (10th season)

Do you have something to add on these information, please let us know by leaving a comment below. 
I would like to give credit for most of the details in this post to the King’s Avatar translator: Jouissancetka

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