Attack On Titan – A Love Hate Relationship

Attack On Titan is one of those love hate relationships where you fall out with your girlfriend but when she’s in the rain you still use your umbrella to shelter her. You know this feeling right? ‘Course you do. -_-
Well we feel the same way with Attack On Titan, there are times where we just want to obliterate it yet look after it. It’s hard to express the feeling in writing OK?!
Anyways, I want to tell you some of the things I love about this show.

This won’t be mentioned in the list below but I absolutely love the Attack On Titan figures.


You know? One of those anime openings where you have no idea what is being said yet you still blast it out on the AUX cable and bobble your head with the Otaku crew. Ahhh, Good times.

It gets you super pumped for the show and the action that’s coming your way.


Attack on Titan anime
So Attack On Titan takes place in a medieval, post-apocalyptic fantasy type world where humans are on the brink of extinction. Giant humanoid creatures are eating the humans and are now on top of the food chain. These savage creatures are called “Titans”.
Humans have managed to find a safe haven in 7 walls they’re in but how and who these walls were built by is a mystery. These walls are very tall and extremely thick but one day an absolutely huge titan towers over the walls and smashes it into pieces.
Now the titans are let loose and humans are left to fend for themselves with their backs against the wall.

Unique battle scenes (Maneuver Gear)

Attack on Titan anime
The battle sequences are epic and what makes them really engaging is the maneuver gear. This gear allows them to dash around buildings, trees and even latch onto titans. I’ve never seen this type of thing done before and let me tell you we’re all thoroughly enjoying it.
Now that we’ve discussed some of the reasons why we love this show so much let’s move onto why we hate Attack On Titan so much.

Characters can feel lifeless

We would have been OK with the characters not having much depth to them in the first season because you know,… it’s the first season. It’s really hard to develop emotionally engaging characters in that time span.
…when season 2 hit we expected the characters to have evolved or at least have a little depth to them. Unfortunately this criteria was not met
Eren is super whiny and screams like a little girl “I will kill all titans”. Which is understandable since they literally ripped his mother apart in front of his eyes. But it’s almost as-if this is the only line he knows, come on Eren just change the record already.
Attack on Titan anime Eren
Armin feels like he’s just there to make Eren look like less of a wimp. When in a tight pinch Armin just freezes “What the hell are you doing Armin?! Get the hell outta there!” But no response from that wuss, he’d rather get eaten than moving his damn legs.
Mikasa feels like a completely empty shell, she has literally nothing going for her. Overpowered like a broken bug in a game and she just obsesses over Eren. Get over it Mikasa!

To Summarise

The positives weigh out the negatives and I’m going to keep watching the show as-well as reading the manga and you should too. Attack On Titan is a brilliant series and one that we’ve never witnessed before, of-course it has its faults but those can be fixed.
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