Should You Watch CODE GEASS?

The universe of Code Geass revolves around a High school student named Lelouch. Lelouch is very bright and talented, especially when it comes to strategic thinking.
You see, after the Japanese were defeated by the Britannians it was renamed to “Area 11”, now the Japanese were called “11s” and of-course this did not sit well with the Japanese. Britannia decided to conquer Japan because the philosophy they lived by was “the strong must devour the weak”.
Lelouch becomes a victim of all this hate even though he is Britannian royal blood. The thing is, Lelouch’s mother was a commoner and not of royal blood, this did not sit too well with the rest of the royal family. Lelouch’s mother was brutally gunned down before his very eyes and his sister Nunnally watched it all happen.
This is where his hate for his father and Britannia begins. Lelouch has always been a kind young man, willing to help out people without any return. One day he is on his way back to school when a truck crashes into a building.
He rushes towards the crash site to see if everyone was okay.

This is where the fun really begins

As Lelouch was in the ruins a girl named C.C manages to strike a deal with him and suddenly Lelouch has a new power called “Geass” This Geass allows Lelouch to control people but there is a limit to it. If you use your Geass on a person then you cannot use it on them again.
With this new bizarre but powerful feature, Lelouch decides to use it to its maximum potential. Lelouch has always wanted to change the world and now he really has the power to do it. 
He hides behind the shadows gathering people and mechs in-order to fight the most powerful empire on planet Earth and still attend school because you know. He needs to keep his grades us. And yes you read correctly “mechs” so if you like mecha anime then you need to try this one. Also if you’re not into mecha anime then you will still enjoy this show.
Code Geass takes twists and turns all over the place and they’re nail biting to watch. A show that is certainly worthy to be one of the greatest anime ever created.
Watch Lelouch’s personality change as he becomes drunk in power. Once Lelouch sees you it’s game over. You are his and he can do as he pleases. Also, this isn’t just all out action, the plot is deep and the relationships will pull at your heart strings.
If there was any anime that I would recommend it would by far be Code Geass.

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