12 Badass Anime String and Thread Users

Anime string user: Kaori Kanzaki
Wire or string manipulation is probably one of the weirdest and underrated fighting skills that appeared in any anime series. It is rare to see such skills or talent shown in different anime; with such elegance, we can say that it is only applicable to selected type of anime characters.
It requires great skills to be able to perform such kind of weapon proficiency. Wire manipulation is an ability that can be used as both offense and defense, but usually difficult to use in a close combat situation.  The user must have a natural aptitude for the way of using the wire/thread as weapons. Wire manipulators are seriously badass individuals that fight in unique and a very elegant way. Wielding wire or thread in battle with great proficiency in range, accuracy and speed is really astounding. They can also bind their opponents, pulling things and controlling its direction, or simply disarming their opponents. What’s scary is that there are thread users capable of slicing the flesh of their enemy with great power and speed.

So, here in Yu Alexius blog, we decided to make this list of 12 badass string or thread users from different anime series out there. Some of them are pretty popular and some have even made the string/thread as their trademark. Well, check the list below and give us what do you think of these badass anime characters.

Kubinashi (Nurarihyon's Grandson)

Kubinashi can use his Ayatori String Technique to capture and kill his targets with great control over a strong thread.

11. Nao Yuki (My-Hime)

Nao Yuki (My-Hime)

Nao Yuki wields dual metal claws with metal wires that she can use to ensnare and cut her targets. She has a habit of licking the claws.

10. Yura (InuYasha) 

Yura (InuYasha)

Yura is using the hair of her victims, amassed over the years, to masterfully attack, control, track, and reattach limbs, and can even set them on fire to burn her foes.

9. Lubbock (Akame Ga Kill!)

Lubbock (Akame Ga Kill!)

Lubbock can use Infinite Uses: Crawstail to manipulate wires made out of a Danger Beast’s hair in so many versatile ways and even hide them inside his mouth. He sure is one of the most badass characters from the Akami ga Kill and I still felt bad about his demise til now.

8. Machi (Hunter X Hunter)

Machi (Hunter X Hunter)

Machi is capable of forming her Nen Threads that she can use masterfully for attacks, bindings, or traps. She’s a member of Phantom Troupe, one of the most badass and powerful groups of anime villains out there.

7. Rika Aragami (Corpse Princess)

Rika Aragami (Corpse Princess)
Rika Aragami uses claws to rake someone’s face, and can fire off wires to bind them in place.

6. Yashamaru (Basilisk)

Yashamaru (Basilisk)
Yashamaru wields his Black Ropes, women’s hair given alchemical treatment with animal oils for steel consistency, like an extension of his own body, piercing, flaying, or binding his opponents. If you wish to see how awesome Yashamaru is and the rest of the gang from Basilisk, you may check our post on Top 20 Strongest Characters from Basilisk TV Anime

5. Kazuki Fuuchouin (Get Backers)

Kazuki Fuuchouin (Get Backers)

Kazuki uses white koto strings in battle; it is used to affect a person’s facial feature and is very very sharp and can even tear up solid earth, bones, skin, muscles and sometimes steel based on the vibrations of the finger; the strings also have other uses such as listening in on distant conversations. We had also listed Kazuki Fuuchouin as the 10th strongest character from Get Backers.

4. Kaori Kanzaki (A Certain Magical Index)

Kaori Kanzaki (A Certain Magical Index)

Kaori Kanzaki is skilled with wires and can use magic to split seven of them into thousands to cut her opponents. In A Certain Magic Index Movie: Endymion, we had even seen her capable of fighting even in outer space.

3. Jenos Hazard (Black Cat)

Jenos Hazard (Black Cat)

Jenos Hazard is wielding his Excelion, which contains indestructible Orichalcum wires that he can use to cut anything or skillfully hold without harming. He is a member of Chronos Numbers, a semi-villain group from Black Cat anime series.

2. Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece)

Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece)

Donquixote Doflamingo can use his strings to cut through matter, swing through the clouds, manipulate people, and create a clone and force-field.

1. Walter C. Dornez (Hellsing)

Walter C. Dornez (Hellsing)
Walter C Dornez wielding a set of ten monomolecular wires as though they are extensions of his own body.

Is there any other string or thread users from any anime series that you would like to be added to this list? If yes, please let us know by leaving your comment below so we could check it out.

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