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Friday, October 19, 2018

Top 20 Strongest Basilisk Characters

Basilisk Anime

I've been pretty addicted to Basilisk lately which is one of the best ninja anime series that I'd ever seen. It could not compete with Naruto as the most interesting and popular ninja anime but it definitely deserved to be called the second best ninja anime ever.

Aside from the seriously epic opening of Basilisk, the fights scenes are truly worth-watching for. The animation was done very well with every characters have a story to tell. For starters, Basilisk is like your 2.0 dosage of Romeo x Juliet story with ninjas. Of course, it is accompanied with deaths, and for this anime I wouldn't want to reveal how many characters actually died since it's very disturbing.

Basilisk Anime: Kouga vs Iga

In Basilisk, in order to decide the succession for the next shogunate, Tokugawa Ieyasu have the two warring ninja clans of Kouga and Iga fought to death. In the beginning of the series, both Kouga and Iga's heir for leadership were betrothed to one another until the truce the keep the clans from fight had been nullified by the retired Shogun. The battle for survival then officially commenced with every chosen ninjas from each clan fall one by one from the hands of each other. Basilisk tell the story of Oboro from Iga clan and Gennouke from Kouga clan, their tragic love and how the bloody war of succession concluded without shedding a single nobleman's blood.

Basilisk - Igan Ninja Clan
Basilisk - Igan Ninja Clan

Basilisk - Kouga Ninja Clan
Basilisk - Kouga Ninja Clan

The anime were filled with characters of incredible strength and deadly skills enough to be compared with some big shots from mainstream anime series. In this post, we will feature the Top 20 strongest characters from Basilisk, a tribute to every fallen ninjas who by any means deserves to be honored, respected or feared by many. This list recognize the full potential of every characters' strength based on their abilities and doesn't significantly relies whether a character died early or late in the series.

20. Oboro

Basilisk - Oboro
Her power of Mystic Eyes is truly terrifying which deactivates special abilities of anyone but since she doesn't know how to fight, she's at big disadvantage in actual combat. She'll be easily killed without even trying to activate her Mystic Eyes, if she will to fight multiple opponents, and if they are resisting to look in her eyes.

19. Jingorou Amayo

Basilisk - Jingorou Amayo
Alright, this character is quite gross, no, he really is gross. His skills aren't even normal, it is both his strength and weakness. If this could be a battle of pros and cons, I think that he has more cons from his skills, imagine that you can liquefy your body with the use of salt then return back to normal with water, it really feels and looks yuck. Nonetheless, this guy exceeds in stealth attack but he died a gruesome death, dissolved with his own abilities with no tangent body as a corpse.

18. Juubei Jimushi

Basilisk - Juubei Jimushi
A dangerous foe for ignorant fools. Juube is a mysterious and tricky assassin despite of his disabled appearance. His speed is something remarkable and his sneak attack is no doubt to be deadly if one's caught off guard.

17. Ogen

Basilisk - Ogen
Oboro's grandmother and leader of the Iga ninja clan. She excel in wielding sword and used to be a great beauty during her younger years which could allure her opponents easily.

16. Kagerou

Basilisk - Kagerou
One could easily say that Kagerou's allure is her strength and that's no doubt to be true. She could seduce and poison any men to death as she please. She also shows a certain skills in sword-wielding though it is no much against the skilled swordsmen in the anime.

15. Jousuke Udono

Basilisk - Jousuke Udono
A rather strong Kouga ninja if it isn't for his nimbleness that he supposed to live longer in the story. But he meet his demise so early all thanks to his ignorance of facing an enemy with stealthy and unknown ability.

14. Rousai Azuki

Basilisk - Rousai Azuki
Another ninja from Iga clan who's power is something that we could compare with Mister Fantastic due to his somewhat elastic body that could bend at its will to pursue any opponent as well as do some sneak attack. However, that skill really looks creepy!

13. Danjou Kouga

Basilisk - Danjou Kouga
The leader of the Kouga ninja clan. He is an adept swordsman in his younger days while also display skills in projectile attacks.

12. Hotarubi

Basilisk - Hotarubi
A rather psychopathic young lady. She specialized in using genjutsu (Naruto term) as she cast illusions over her victim before using either sneak or direct attack to them.

11. Shougen Kazamachi

Basilisk - Shougen Kazamachi
Another one with bizarre appearance but definitely dangerous ability. When you want to see Spiderman as a ninja, then we've got Shougen Kazamachi for you.

10. Okoi

Basilisk - Okoi
She's a girl. Yes, she is! But she have the strength that could make any men turn into dust. That blood-sucking ability is truly vampiric and tyrannical. Not to mention that her brute-force is also something remarkable.

9. Akeginu

Basilisk - Akeginu
Another blood-technique user though her ability is quite deviant. Akeginu also display skills in using blades and she seems to be an able fighter using it. She actually overpowers Kagerou during their fight until she was fooled by Saemon's ability.

8. Nenki Mino

Basilisk - Nenki Mino
Nenki's power is quite peculiar and creepy. Yet, it is very convenient and there's no doubt that he is among the strongest fighter in the anime if we're gonna remove the tricks of other characters such as the vile-eyes of Gennosuke.

7. Saemon Kisaragi

Basilisk - Saemon Kisaragi
Deception. Many ninja fell to Saemon's assassination due to the power of deception. He could transform his face into anyone he desire. Thus, he's the best person for infiltration yet he also died miserably with the face of a hateful person as his final appearance.

6. Tenzen Yakushiji

Basilisk - Tenzen Yakushiji
Being an immortal could seriously corrupt one's sanity. However, aside from Tenzen's creepy ability is his expertise in swordsmanship.

5. Gyoubu Kasumi

Basilisk - Gyoubu Kasumi
Brute strength alone, I believe that Gyoubu stand at the top of the list. However, his style is not the one who directly attacks an opponent to subdue them instead, he belongs to those stealthy ninja.

4. Yashamaru

Basilisk - Yashamaru
Despite of his end, he had left enough good impression of his strength. His skills is quite common among anime characters and he display it beautifully in the series with eloquence and brute force.

3. Koshirou Chikuma

Basilisk - Koshirou Chikuma
This guy may somehow remind us of Hatake Kakashi or Obito Uchiha for one reason, it's his special ability which is quite similar to Kamui. Nonetheless, his determination is remarkable and really did a great job fighting against Hyouma Muroga.

2. Hyouma Muroga

Basilisk - Hyouma Muroga
A mysterious ninja with great ability. Despite of his eyes shut down, he could still make his opponents cower in fear. A master of tactics and an able swordsman with great battle instinct.

1. Gennosuke Kouga

Basilisk - Gennosuke Kouga
One of the main protagonist of the story. His skills in wielding the sword is pretty decent at its best. However, the special ability of his eyes is pretty deadly on which so many characters in this list were send to their death.

This post is quite long overdue. I supposed to finish this several months ago but only managed to get my hand onto it tonight. Well, that's end our list of strongest characters from Basilisk anime. Though, here had been the sequel anime, I doubt it could even compare with the original series. Nonetheless, what do you think about our list? Who's your favorite characters from the anime?

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