Sword Art Online Anime Film English-Subtitled Trailer

Sword Art Online Anime Film

It has been announced few days ago that the popular light novel series Sword Art Online gets an anime film after the huge success of its TV anime adaptation.


The story of Sword Art Online anime film is written by Reki Kawahara, the author of the original Sword Art Onlinelight novel series. Meanwhile, the staff from the anime series returns to deliver another action-packed animation of Kirito and Asuna’s adventure. Tomohiko Ito is back to direct Sword Art Online anime film at A-1 Pictures together with Shingo Adachi as the characters designer. It was revealed that the film will be a complete new anime work which means fans can expect for something fresh from the story.

Below is the trailer of Sword Art Online anime film which is the same as the one used last week during the film announcement, though this time, the video is in English-subbed version.


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