Mushishi’s 7 Most Epic Episodes

Mushishi poster featuring Ginko
Ginko, the main character of Mushishi series.
Mushishi is one of my personal favorite anime and its main character Ginko also holds a special place in my heart. I even put Mushishi as my 3rd all-time favorite anime series because its animation was cool to the eyes, simply beautiful, fascinating, and relaxing with very refreshing and amazing stories in every episode.
For those who are not familiar with Mushishi, here’s a short dive into its story as described in its synopsis:

This story is about Ginko, a Mushishi. Ginko is a man who understands the Mushi and who acts as a mediator between humans and Mushi. Mushi are not plants, animals, microbes, or fungi. It is best to think of them as primitive life forms. We tend not to notice that they exist until they have manifested some mysterious phenomena. They do not exist to frighten people; they just are. Join Ginko on his journey as he meets various people and explores the relationship between what we know as our world and the Mushi. (Via:

I’d watched this anime countless times, and few days ago I watched it once again. So, I decided to make my own list of Mushishi’s epic episodes from season one up to season two that truly capture my attention and definitely deserve to be mention in this anime blog and share to my fellow anime fans. In this list, I have put 7 of my personal favorite episodes but if you’re interested, I recommend that you watch the entire series, there are a total of over 40 episodes for Mushishi TV anime adaptation which first premiered in 2005 from animation studio Artland.

Mushishi - A Sea of Ink
Tanyuu transcribed the text that sealed the Forbidden Mushi.
Ginko comes to a house which has a library full of mushi-related scrolls. There, he meets the girl who writes the scrolls, and hears the story of the curse that has been afflicting her family for generations.

2. One-Eyed Fish

Mushishi - One-Eyed Fish
Ginko finally see the light after the Tsukuyumi gets one of his eyes.
      An orphan is adopted by Nui, a white-haired female Mushishi. Ginko’s origin is revealed.

3. The Shadow the Devours the Sun

Mushishi - The Shadow the Devours the Sun
The mushi covered the sunlight as the Hihami’s core gets closer to it.
A powerful mushi appears during an eclipse, drawing other mushi to form a huge shadow that blocks the sun over a small village. Looking for clues about the mushi, Ginko meets a child who is afflicted by a strange disease that manifests itself when she is exposed to sunlight, and it does not take long for him to find out that both facts are related.

4. The Hand that Caresses the Night

Mushishi - The Hand that Caresses the Night
Ginko was caught off guard by the Fuki’s effect.
A young man has the power to lure animals to him using a scent issuing from his hand. He inherited this power from his father, and it makes hunting easier. But it makes the meat from his prey taste foul. More serious is the risk of losing his mind to the power and confusing family with prey. There’s a cure, but will the boy be willing to give up his power?

5. Tree of Eternity

The villagers cut down the Tree of Eternity

A restless man, Kanta, on his way home to his wife and young daughter (Futaba), sits down to rest in a forest. He is tired and thirsty so he eats a red fruit that was lying on the ground near him, and gives thanks to the plum. Some time after this, he starts having vivid memories both in his dreams and while awake of times going back before his birth. He goes looking for a huge tree but finding it does not make him happy.

6. The Light of the Eyelid

Mushishi - The Light of the Eyelid
Ginko summoning the mushi from Sui’s eyes.
Ginko gives aid to a little girl who spends her days locked in a warehouse because she can’t bear to see the sunlight.

7. The Green Throne

Mushishi - The Green Throne
Ginko gives the kouki to Renzu.
Ginko investigates the case of a boy whose drawings, if drawn by his left hand, comes to life.
These were among the most epic and beautiful episodes of Mushishi that truly brings the mystic and ambiguous vibes of the anime to life. Have you guys watch Mushishi already? If yes, what’s your favorite scene from the anime, if no, I highly advised you to check it our especially if you’re a buff for slice of life, supernatural anime because Mushishi is the real deal.

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