ALLEY-oop / Fei Ba! Lanqiu Chinese Sports Anime Release & Updates

It’s not Slam Dunk but we’ll definitely get a Hot Shot vibe from the new sports Chinese anime Fei Ba! Lanqiu or also known as ALLEY-oop or Fly! Basketball is slated for release on May 6, 2021.

At first, I thought we are only getting the highly anticipated basketball donghua Zuo Shou Shang Lan (Left Hand Layup!) next year which is sponsored by the Chinese Basketball Association, however, an early treat for fans of sports donghua is coming this spring and that is Fei Ba! Lanqiu. The series is joining the other bilibili donghua lineup that are slated for release this May such as Ling Cage Incarnation: The Final Chapter, and Rakshasa Street Season 2.

Fei Ba! Lanqiu Overview

Chinese basketball fans called this upcoming original sports donghua the domestic Slam Dunk. This marks the renaissance of the sports genre in Chinese animation.

Animation Studio & Release Date

Fei Ba! Lanqiu release date is slated on May 6, 2021 and will be broadcast on bilibili at 12:00 noon. The upcoming donghua is animated by Reike Eyes Animation which is based in Nanjing.

Fei Ba! Lanqiu anime


Fly! Basketball tells the story of a group of high school students who love basketball and fighting hard on the court. In the arena, every second is a passionate chase, and no one will know whether to win or lose until the last moment.

Trailer & Promotional Videos

Here are the available trailers and PVs for Fei Ba! Lanqiu, and aside from the heavily action-packed moves in the basketball court, several brands of classic shoes can be seen too in the trailer such as Air Jordan 34, Air Jordan 4, and Reebok Answer 5.

Alright, so if you’re looking for some youthful action and a bit of drama outside of the xinxia (cultivation) cliche in Chinese animation, I highly recommend you to watch Fei Ba! Lanqiu (ALLEY-opp) on bilibili.

Where to Watch Fei Ba! Lan Qiu anime?

The anime is scheduled to premiere on bilibili. You can check its official page on the Chinese streaming platform here:

While we’re at it already, let us know what are your favorite sports donghua out there? We didn’t have that plenty but for sure, you guys might have some favorites. We did have the hilarious e-sports Lu’s Time several years ago, as well as the phenomenal e-sports donghua The King’s Avatar. We’re also looking forward to Tencent’s upcoming anime series of AWM PUBG Mobile which is part of their 2021 donghua lineup.

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