Is There a Wu Shan Wu Xing or Fog Hill of Five Elements Manhua? (Donghua FAQ)

Many of us had been amazed by Fog Hill of Five Elements donghua last 2020, and while the series is on hiatus after its 3rd episode, it leads us to ask a question: Is there a Fog Hill of Five Elements manhua? That is what your Yu-senpai will discuss in this new post from our Donghua FAQ section.

fog hill of five elements manga

Is there a Fog Hill of Five Elements manhua?

Alright, let’s get straight to the point, the answer is YES; Wu Shan Wu Xing or Fog Hill of Five Elements had a manhua adaptation. However, it is not at the same pace as the donghua or Chinese anime adaptation. Here’s why…

Fog Hill of Five Elements gets a manhua right after the release of the donghua adaptation. This only means that the manhua is far behind in the story compared to the donghua although so far, it even had an available English translation provided by Guodong Subs.

For many of us who had been anxiously waiting for Fog Hill of Five Elements Episode 4, we can only desire that there’s a manhua so we can go ahead and find out what will happen next. Unfortunately, such is not the case, and we won’t be able to have the same opportunity of learning its story unlike those of the popular anime from Japan. I think that only means that we are free from spoilers that may diminish the excitement of watching any succeeding episodes of the donghua.

Where to read the manhua?

The manhua is still ongoing and while the upcoming episodes of the donghua are under production, the first few chapters of the manhua had been released. However, the only place where I have seen Fog Hill of Five Elements manhua so far is on the Guodong Subs website. The popular subbing group is the one in charge of the English translation of the donghua and manhua, albeit the former is not released yet, while the latter is available in both English and raw Chinese.

If you wish to read Fog Hill of Five Elements manhua, you can visit it here: FOG HILL OF FIVE ELEMENTS

Fog Hill of Five Elements Overview

I have previously published a post for Fog Hill of Five Elements under the section of Donghua FAQ too several weeks ago. To give a short overview for new readers who are not familiar with it, I’ll suggest that you read: All You Need to Know about Wu Shan Wu Xing or Fog Hill of Five Elements.

Fog Hill of Five Elements

Fog Hill of Five Elements

The donghua is an original project from Lin Hun, its creator, and director who founded Samsara Animation Studio for the sole purpose of animating the Fog Hill of Five Elements. The donghua was released on July 26, 2020 and run for 3 episodes which left the fans in such a huge cliffhanger but not before finishing the first arc of the story which gained attention from various anime fans even those who are new to Chinese animation.


In ancient times, powerful Beasts rampaged the world. To combat them, a mysterious Taoist taught the five clans – the Clan of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth – the extraordinary ability of Yin-Yang’s five elements. Together, they drove the Beasts into the Fog Hill of the Hidden, imprisoning them in a captive realm.

Within the Fog Hill lives another mighty Beast – the Qilin. Its immense power often attract Beasts desiring greater strength so that they may, one day, break out of the captive realm. Qilin therefore willingly sealed itself away in the Shield of Mighty Gate.

In an attempt to save his mother, Wenren Yixuan, the envoy of Fire, unleashed the Shield of Mighty Gate without permission. Seeing an opening, the little Qilin took the chance and snuck out. With its escape, the Beast Realm shall soon fall into bloody chaos… [Source: Guodong Subs]

If you wish to watch Fog Hill of Five Elements donghua adaptation, you can check its official page on bilibili below:


The series is also available on various anime and donghua streaming sites like izfanmade, Kurina Official, Mundo Donghua, and even on YouTube.

So, back to the Fog Hill of Five Elements manhua adaptation, it was already started releasing, so we can expect that it will catch up with the donghua adaptation soon as Lin Hun and the team behind the passion project is dedicating so much time and effort in this masterpiece.

Are you a fan of Fog Hill of Five Elements? Please let us know your thoughts about it and what are your expectations for its succeeding episodes which might be released by either this year or in 2022. Write your comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters to get the latest updates about your favorite donghua.

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