Chinese Manhua Jue Ding / The Top Gets Anime Adaptation in 2021

Who is this baldy coming to bring fun, action, and a whole lot more exciting donghua antics this 2021? It is not Saitama or any baldy from Japanese animation, but it’s Jia Fugui, our resident baldy in the Chinese anime scene.

jue ding donghua
Jue Ding Donghua Poster

Jue Ding or also known as The Top or The Pinnacle will be among the Chinese anime in 2021 which will give us the usual humor that we always get from a donghua with another unique and funny narrative.

Jue Ding / The Top Overview

The upcoming Chinese anime is based on a comedy and action manhua of titled Jue Ding which was written and illustrated by Xiao Xin Yu and published in 2017. Jue Ding is also known by titles such as The Top or The Pinnacle, referring to someone who stood at the top of the martial world in its world-setting.

jue ding manhua
Jue Ding Manhua Cover

The manhua was published by Dongman Manhua, Weibo, and Naver as a webtoon series with over 60 chapters currently released.


Jia Fugui, the leader of the Muye School, has crushed the martial world in terms of force, but he is still extremely insecure about his bald head. In order to find a formula for hair growth, he and his second in command traverse the world. (Source: MU)

If you wish to check the manhua, you can read Jue Ding at Dongman Manhua or on Naver.

The donghua adaptation of Jue Ding had been announced during the Tencent Video Animation Conference event on August 8, 2020. It is among the titles that Tencent is producing this 2021 along with various donghua adaptations and original works such as Silent Reading, Thousand Autumns, and many more.

Animation Studio & Release Date

Jue Ding anime is scheduled to air this 2021 although no specific date has been announced yet. It will be animated by Seven Stone Entertainment which previously worked on donghua like The Emperor’s Strategy and Jie Yao (Antidote). Meanwhile, Tencent Penguin Pictures is credited as its producers along with Yofox Culture, and Xiron Animation.

Trailer and PVs

Jue Ding is among the shounen-type of stories with donghua fans should see this year. It has a perfect blend of humor and action, and by simply knowing its plot, we can expect that this donghua is set to give a hilarious ride like no other. Imagine being a strong person yet you are still worried and insecure about a trivial matter.

For all the fun and actions, I am having Jue Ding among my most recommended donghua this year. You guys can watch it once it is available on its official page on Tencent Video.

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