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Tower of God Phonsekal Laure
Hey guys, I am back for another post in our Tower of God archive, and this time, I will talk about one of my favorite characters from the story and that is our sleepy boy – Phonsekal Laure. I believed I am not that only who got intrigued about this low key and lazy guy when we first follow the story of the Tower of God. On my end, I have watched the first few episodes of Tower of God anime series from the spring 200 anime lineup before I eventually started reading the webtoon and one of my reasons for doing so is to learn more about Laure. I am curious about his strength and always have this question during the early days of the anime – How strong is Phonsekal Laure? If you want to learn more about this guy, his background, and his strength; then grab your cup of coffee, and let’s talk about this adorable fella who had been shrouded in mysteries.

Phonsekal Laure Background

Our sleepyhead fella is from the Phonsekal Family which is a branch of the distinguished Eurasia Family – one of the 10 Great Families in the Tower. The family is famous for being an exceptional wave controllers and notorious for their love to sleep, kinda lazy and laid-back personality.
While Laure’s position in their family is not revealed yet, he seems like someone with an interesting background and upbringing.
83286 phonsekal2blaure2bsleeping Tower of God Archive: How Strong is Phonsekal Laure?
Laure shown sleeping after passing through Lero Ro’s shinsu barrier
As someone with a lazy and laid-back personality, Laure will not fight if it is not necessary or if his life is in no grave danger. Therefore, we usually see him fight on very rare occasions, letting his allies do most of the action while safely sleeping in the background. For me, that kind of personality speaks a lot about him and what kind of personality he had.

Phonsekal Laure Strength & Abilities

In the frontline of Laure’s fighting abilities is his talent as an adept Wave Controller. Everything in the Tower is governed by Shinsu, and having the innate ability to control it made wave controllers a powerful and important position. As a wave controller, Laure is the best one from his batch of Regulars who are climbing the Tower. While he and Bam are both wave controllers, the way they use Shinsu is different – Bam uses Shinsu offensively like a Fisherman, while Laure utilizes it most conveniently and efficiently, thus making him the conventional type of wave controller.
6acb7 tower2bof2bgod2blaure2b1 Tower of God Archive: How Strong is Phonsekal Laure?
Laure’s skill in managing and controlling shinsu is exceptional, being one of the greatest shinsu manipulators among his peers. He can use shinsu in various ways and manipulate it in whatever the situation calls.  Since we know Laure as the lazy type, he’ll usually shinsu in the most efficient and effective ways, thus, achieving his desired output easily.
One of Laure’s special traits is not just his talent in controlling shinsu but also his reasoning and deduction skills. Since he is an excellent shinsu manipulator, he can read the flow shinsu, giving him the advantage to take appropriate action just like when he noticed the Medina inside Beta and eliminated it during the Workshop Battle at the 30thFloor of the Tower. 
3e320 phonsekal2blaure2bwebtoon Tower of God Archive: How Strong is Phonsekal Laure?
Laure comes to help Rak & Hatz against Beta
Laure is also great in observing the situation and seems to know tactics too. He was able to recognize Bam’s aptitude as a wave controller, thus investing some effort to give some advice to our protagonist.
a08c3 tower2bof2bgod2banaak2bvs2blaure Tower of God Archive: How Strong is Phonsekal Laure?
Laure vs Anaak during the Crown’s Game
During the Crown Game on the 2ndFloor of the Tower, we did have a glimpse of his abilities and his potentials. He easily passed the Deathmatch Test and teamed up with Ho and Serena. He also easily passed through the shinsu barrier that Lero Ro set in the next part of the test. In the Crown Game, he leads his team to enter the match in the 2ndround, thus knowing that it will be an advantage to fight early rather than waiting for the last round to arrived. This speaks a lot about his ability to read the situation. He challenged Anaak in the Crown Game, confident in his skills even knowing how powerful Anaak Jahad who easily dominated the first round. He attacked Anaak with shinsu proficiently and even managed to remain calm despite Anaak igniting her weapon – Green April. Unfortunately, Ho & Serena have to pull him out of the arena despite his confidence to take on the attack Anaak’s ignited Green April. If the fight drags on, who wouldn’t know what will happen but we all know it’ll be exhilarating.
His control in using shinsu was even emphasized when he was able to launch Quant back in the Hide and Seek Test, proving his strong ability to blast shinsu. During the Submerged Fish Test, we had seen Laure utilize his shinsu manipulating ability to dug tunnels in the ground. He can also make a shield made of shinsu, further testifying his versatility in manipulating shinsu.
As a member of the Phonsekal Family, Laure can fly or levitate. He can levitate hundreds of meters off the ground while also flying at high speed just like Phonsekal Irure (another member of the Phonsekal Family who joined Bam’s team in the Hell Train).
In the Workshop Battle, Laure is shown to be capable of using a Eurasia Family technique: Eurasia Style: Shinsu Manipulation Technique: Cry of Piercing Water to slice off one of Beta’s Ignition Weapon’s feet.

Interesting Trivia about Laure

  • Full Name: Eurasia Phonsekal Laure
  • Age: 134
  • Height: 185cm
  • Laure currently has the best shinsu management abilities among all the Regulars shown in the series so far.
  • Laure loves his blanket and pillow so much, which his fellow Regulars usually used as a host*ge to drive him to help them. This happened when Hong Cheonhwa and Sunwoo Nare taken his blanket and pillow to made him help in the Submerged Fish Test on the 2nd Floor.
  • Laure can read shinsu (or cultivate his skills) even when he is sleeping. This is one possibility why he also keeps on getting stronger as the story progresses despite sleeping all the time instead of fighting and practicing.
6f761 phonsekal2blaure2b1 Tower of God Archive: How Strong is Phonsekal Laure?
Laure after unleashing a shinsu attack during the Crown’s Game


And this is where I shall end this post about Phonsekal Laure from Tower of God‘s story. While he didn’t make an appearance yet in recent years, we are all waiting for him to appear soon along with Bam’s old crew in the future chapters of the webtoon. On my end, I’ll be glad to see them together as Rankers and help Bam in his final fight to change the Tower.
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