Jayem Sison’s Anime Figures Collection Will Inspire You To Start Your Own

Hey guys, I’ll be sharing some pretty shady I mean inspiring stuff this time and it is about collecting anime figures which is also one of my aspirations to do in the near future.

Jayem Sison Anime Figures' Collection
Jayem Sison Anime Figures’ Collection


To inspire everyone especially my fellow otakus, I would like to share some of the anime figures from the collection of popular Filipino cosplayer Jayem Sison, whom I previously described as the sexiest male cosplayer from the Philippines. This 39-year old traveler seriously can boast a lot of stuff about him including his collection of anime figures which makes me jealous big time. Anyway, every time I saw his collection on Instagram, I always have this urge to start my own collection of anime figures too. Though such a hobby is not an easy one as it is definitely an expensive desire to obtain but achievable.

If you happened to check Jayem’s Instagram account which is @dizgeek_is_strong, you will find his passion which includes fitness (yeah you’ll see how hot and fit he is – that’s actually an eye candy for a gay guy like me, lol). He also shares his travel (which makes me felt like an envious kid), cosplay and anime figures collection.

Jayem Sison Attack Titan Cosplay
Jayem Sison Attack Titan Cosplay


Let’s talk about his collection of anime figures. He actually has a room on which he puts all of his anime collectibles and it will really make one jealous. Anyway, his collections range from small-size items up to gigantic anime figures which will make you feel captivated and in awe.

Jayem Sison Anime Figure Collections


Among my favorite is his One Piece anime figures collection on which he previously posted on his Instagram account, thus also lead me to write this post as I felt like sharing this feeling of wanting to start something I really crave for. So, Jayem’s collection of One Piece anime character figures is truly amazing as seen in the video clip below.


As you can see, he had the anime figures of some of the most popular and beloved One Piece characters including the following:
  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Portgas D. Ace
  • Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)
  • Nico Robin
  • Roronoa Zoro
  • Jinbei
  • Enel
  • Big Mom
  • Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Dracule Mihawk
  • Sanji


Aside from that awesome gallery of One Piece figures, he also has posted individual clips of some of his bigger anime statues in his collection such as the following:

Akainu from One Piece

Uzumaki Naruto


Anime Figure: Guts from Berserk by Jayem Sison
Guts from Berserk


Edward Newgate (Whitebeard) and Marco the Phoenix
Edward Newgate (Whitebeard) and Marco the Phoenix


Roronoa Zoro and his Santoryu!
Roronoa Zoro and his Santoryu!


Anime Figure: Portgas D. Ace by Jayem Sison
Portgas D. Ace by Jayem Sison


Usopp’s 5-Ton Hammer
Usopp’s 5-Ton Hammer by Jayem Sison


Anime Figures: Naruto, Itachi & Sasuke by Jayem Sison
Anime Figures: Naruto, Itachi & Sasuke
Anime Figure: Vegeta
Anime Figure: Vegeta

His collection of figures and statues does not only include anime characters but also some of our favorite heroes from Marvel Universe. Among his collection are the following Marvel characters that we both love and hate.

Anime Figure: Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider


Iron Man and Darkness
Iron Man and Darkness


Jayem Sison's Statue of Thanos
Jayem Sison & Thanos’ Statue


So, most of his anime figures were actually made by Tsume Art which is a big name in the industry of Japanese anime figures and statues. Personally, I think it’ll be awesome to have my own gallery of anime figures too in the future with Tsume Art labels, isn’t that great guys?
Meanwhile, apart from Jayem I also follow other anime figure collectors in Instagram and it even makes my craving to become one of them intense and sky-high. One of my favorites is actually @rahim_masters whom Dragon Ball’s anime figures always caught my attention big time. As you can see below, he had those amazing statues of Vegeta, Goku, and even Frieza on his assemblage. In fact, he also sell anime collectibles. Therefore, we could definitely learn something from him about the business.

Another profile to follow on Instagram to inspire you on collecting anime figures and statues is @statue_resin_collectors (Christian Cabiati) who is a hoarder Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and One Punch Man figures. I’ll say his huge gallery of anime figures includes some of the best that I had ever seen online.

Christian Cabiati Collection: Fairy Tail - Natsu, Aquarius, Lucy
Christian Cabiati Collection: Fairy Tail – Natsu, Aquarius, Lucy


And for collecting anime figures and any merchandise, it is always advisable to buy it in the shop where you trust the most. However, in this modern era, online shopping sites even make life more convenient for us though it takes some effort to do some research or discover which online shops suit your preferences, can win your trust and have the specific merchandise that you’re looking for your collection. That is why aside from Tsume Art, I have listed below some of the online shopping sites that you check to buy anime figures, merchandise, or even copies of your favorite games, mangas, light novels, visual novels, and similar anime-related stuff.

PLAY-ASIA – a leading online retailer of entertainment products from Asia. This is one of my favorite go-to sites when shopping for games and obviously for anime figures. If you’re also up to gaming collection stuff, then I highly recommend Play-Asia for you.

Sign up for Play-Asia.com

THE ANIME SUPPLY – this is one of my top places to buy online anime products and I am really delighted with its easy user interface and wide arrays of anime collectibles. Ranging from nenderoids, figurines (which I liked big time), anime arts, cosplay materials, accessories, and even hoodies – The Anime Supply have them all and in a very reasonable prices.
Shop your anime figures now at The Anime Supply

J-LIST: YOUR FRIEND FROM JAPAN – For people who love to collect Nendoroid and similar anime figures I would like to recommend J-List to you. They also have different products on their gallery for sale including some NSFW stuff for otakus.
JAPAN HAUL – Here’s another popular shopping sites to buy Japanese merchandise on the internet. They sell high-quality authentic products from Japan ranging from anime stuffs to beauty items, and even foods.
TOKYO OTAKU MODE – I dare say this is a giant company in the anime community in the English-speaking world. Being tied up and affiliated with different companies Toky Otaku Mode is definitely a top online shopping site to buy your favorite anime figures, statues, and merchandise.
These were only a few of the popular online shopping sites for Japanese merchandise where you can buy anime figures and stuff, and start your own collection too. I think I’ll start saving more now too, to start my own collection as soon as possible.
Anyway, having my own anime collectibles gallery is one of my dreams for the future to come and I’ll definitely share some stuff about it here at Yu Alexius Anime Portal. These set of collections simply inspired me to start my own anime figures collection and it’ll be awesome to have you guys join me in my journey of collecting anime figures and statues in the near future.

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