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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Hottest Male and Female Cosplayers from the Philippines

Hottest Cosplayers from the Philippines

In a country with many types of otakus exist both hardcore and docile, Philippines surely have plenty of popular and noteworthy cosplayers who could pull-off something grandiose and mystic. Ever wonder who are the hottest cosplayers in the Philippines? Now, that cosplay had been drawn into mainstream media all thanks to the minority numbers of hardcore otakus in the country (although people still find them weird at certain level); cosplaying is a real deal when it comes to creativity among otakus. 

Although, there are tons of cosplayers who definitely tried so hard to stand-out, only few are said to be gifted. The talent to stand-out among normal people, and magically catch attention despite of being surrounded by fellow cosplayers.

Cosplaying in Philippines

It truly is a stunning view to look at these cosplayers transformed into their favorite anime characters, thus, they're always an eye candy to look at. What could be more perfect than cosplaying a certain anime character flawlessly (costume, aura, vibes) and a sizzling hot physique that carry all those qualities that a cosplayer should have. We certainly have many cosplayers out there in the country, but only few could be called the hottest cosplayers in the Philippines. Therefore, we will feature two (2) cosplayers whom we though perfectly embodies a sexy anime character. They could simply transformed themselves into whatever hot anime characters that they wish to be. And to be prove our claim, take a look at some of the best cosplay by Jayem Sison and Alodia Gosiengfiao, they are Philippines hottest cosplayers of today's generation.

Alodia Gosiengfiao - the Queen of Philippines' Cosplay

Alodia commonly known as the Queen of Cosplay in the Philippines is the first name that usually comes into our mind when talking about cosplay. She helped cosplaying to be notice in the mainstream consciousness in the country. She represented different brands along the span of her career as a cosplayer and eventually became a brand ambassador and VJ for Animax Asia. She's also an occasional TV actress, model, and host. (photos from IG: @alodiaalmira)

Jayem Sison

Jayem is commonly referred as the male counterpart of Alodia by some cosplayers and fans alike. With his chiseled body like a Grecian god, no one can deny that he's definitely the sexiest male cosplayer in the Philippines. If Alodia's fandom is comprised of both girls and mostly boys, Jayem also have lots of followers mostly from girls, and those guys who wanted to get his perfectly carved abs, well, that's something to expect from a fitness enthusiast. He rose to fame for his rigidly perfect cosplay of Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster and shirtless Gilgamesh from Fate Stay Night. (photos from IG @dizgeek_is_strong)

Jayem Sison

Jayem Sison Cosplay
Jayem Sison Cosplay "Eren Jaeger"

Jayem Sison Cosplay
Jayem Sison Cosplay "Gray Fullbuster"

Jayem Sison Cosplay
Jayem Sison Cosplay"Sanji"

Jayem Sison Cosplay
Jayem Sison Cosplay "Eren Jaeger's titan form"

Jayem Sison Cosplay
Jayem Sison Cosplay "Miguel Caballero"

Jayem Sison Cosplay

Jayem Sison Cosplay

Aside from these two, who are the other cosplayers that comes into your mind when we talk about something hot and sexy cosplay stuffs? Let us know!

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