Epic One Piece-themed Mirror Run Challenge Went Viral

A One Piece-themed mirror run challenge went viral and it definitely looks epic with awesome editing and shots. The viral video is created by the same duo that gave us the viral Naruto mirror-run challenge that we previously featured last month.

Jaze Phua as Luffy and Douglas Tan as Zoro in One Piece Mirror Run Challenge
Image taken from Jaze Phua’s IG (@jazephua)


The Singapore-based creators of the video is Jaze Phua and Douglas Tan. Last time, they cosplayed Naruto and Sasuke respectively while doing the viral mirror-run challenge and this time around, they even bring the game to a higher end with Jaze as Monkey D. Luffy and Douglas as Roronoa Zoro.

Personally, I thought that their Naruto-inspired challenge video is their best until I actually saw their new video – the One Piece mirror run challenge which Phua posted on Twitter.


Mirror Run Challenge by Jaze Phua & Co.


Well, it seems that we finally have the winner of the mirror run challenge which recently hit the internet big time. Otakus and ‘normal’ people alike sure enjoy watching the viral challenge as it is seriously a delight for the eyes and actually pretty entertaining.

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