Naruto Mirror Run Challenge Went Viral and It Looks Amazing!

Drop everything you do and enjoy looking on the mirror before watching this Naruto Mirror Run Challenge because gazing in the front of the mirror will never be the same after watching this viral video.

Viral Naruto Mirror Run Challenge Video
Jaze Phua and Douglas Tan in viral Naruto Mirror Run Challenge


Hell yes, that’s a crazy yet super entertaining ways to messed up and play around with humanity’s most prominent vanity tool – the mirror. In the video, we had first seen the animated sequence of our dear 7th Hokage – Naruto himself as he do the mirror challenge showing the different stages of his life since his childhood days until he eventually became a hokage and a father. It actually gives off a nostalgic feeling while watching the scene and then, a series of videos compiled altogether with different groups of people doing the Naruto Mirror Run Challenge which really looks funny, amazing, entertaining, and hilarious at the same time.

Video: Upload by Tia Rose

One of my favorite part of the video is the Naruto Mirror Run challenge done by Jaze Phua and Douglas Tan. They have a two-part video of the challenge with the first one on which they’re in the bathroom (1:58-2:20)having a fight and I think that the editing is pretty great.
The second part (0:58-1:40) of their Naruto Mirror Run challenge is one that really looks epic, funny and theme-relevant. Jaze himself cosplayed Naruto and I really think that the transitions of the shots were amazingly done while Douglas is definitely a hotter but funny version of Sasuke.
Another part of the video is from Sofyank96 channel which actually looks both funny and interesting.

Other people did the challenge on a car window, and a funny guy doing the Kakashi cosplay on the run, and lastly, a cute couple doing some heavy visual stunts on the later part of the video.

What’s even exciting is that a certain part of the compilation featured Vegeta himself do the mirror run challenge and then he was caught by young Trunks, he then made that tsundere face that we really love so much.

If I may ask you guys, will join the bandwagon and do Naruto Mirror Run challenge? Furthermore, which part of the video do you think is the most amazing and truly live up to the hype of this challenge? Please let us know of your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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