Juvenile Song (少年歌行) Features the Character Tang Lian in a New PV

Juvenile Song (少年歌行)

Tang Lian, one of the characters from the upcoming Chinese anime “Juvenile Song” (少年歌行) had been feature in a new promotional video that was released few days ago.

On Bilibili, this PV were subbed as Tang Lian from the wilderness of Xueyuecheng.

Juvenile Song or also goes with another title “Great Journey of Teenagers” or “Youth Songs” which may sound cliche is an upcoming Chinese anime scheduled to premiere this fall of 2018. The animation is in 3D format which greatly reminds me of Battle through the Heavens and Soul Land with the latter slated to return this December.

Well, the title itself screams for spring time and watching the few trailers and teasers for the Juvenile Song I could hereby conclude that this is going to be amazing and epic. Juvenile Songs is about youthful adventure, a journey filled with excitement and vigorous challenges that our main hero must overcome. One thing is sure, we could expect for astounding wuxia-style animation to our hearts content this time around with Juvenile Song.

Plot: After the master of the Hanshui Temple, the mysterious gold coffin entered the world and set off a dispute between the rivers and lakes. The forces of all parties are in a tit-for-tat relationship. Thunder, sorrow, Tang Lian, Sikong Qiansuo, Tiannuru, etc. have been involved in the dispute, and a story about the gold coffin is about to be staged. Zema Jianghu dream, relying on the sword to sing songs. The secret of the gold coffin gradually emerges…


Juvenile Song Compiled Promotional Videos

The anime is based on a novel of the same title which you could check at 8kana. Furthermore, a mobile game is also coming up.

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