Chinese Manga Armored Gull Revealed its Anime Trailer

Armored Gull

The hit Chinese manga Armored Gull or also known as Iron Gull teases its readers by releasing the first promotional video for its upcoming anime adaptation which is supposed to premiere on 2019.

A story which could be compared with Knights of Sidonia or Psycho-Pass at the very least. However, this manga which is filled with conspiracy and a somehow deep corporate assassination plot will shock as in awe with its decent style, refreshing visuals which happened to be in colored and the unique concept behind its plot.

Special edition PV guest staring Masami Obari 


Official Animation PV 

Nonetheless, after watching the promotional video from Armored Gull, the first thing that comes to my mind is Bubblegum Crisis and Active Raid on the surface. However, after getting deeper into the trailer, it seems that a more complex conspiracy is lying deeper in the story.

Armored Gull Synopsis

Armored Gull is a chinese webcomic by LAS that covers a wide section of the mecha genre, from mechanical limbs, killer androids, the titular power armor Armored Gull, transforming vehicle robots, wanzer mechs and exoskeletons to put your exoskeltons in all fighting alongside or against each other in the seafaring corporate owned mega fleet of Sigma City. Falsely accused of corporate espionage and treason to the state Gwen Pullan a gifted roboticist is rescued/kidnapped by an anti-corporate terrorist group. Caught up in the bloody slum wars between the group and andorid augmented police, Gwen is given an opportunity to fight back by a mysterious third faction in the form of the Exoskeleton Frame Armored Gull.

Now, it seems that we have something new to look forward on 2019 and definitely among those Chinese anime that we should add in our watch-list next year. Personally, I will put this on my list together with the The King’s Avatar season 2 and Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation season 2.

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