The Kings Avatar Epic Fights – A Compilation of Great Battle Scenes from 1st Season of the Anime

The King's Avatar: Ye Xiu vs Wang Jiexi The Kings Avatar Epic Fights
Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim vs Wang Jiexi’s alt account

Be it against the magician, Wang Jiexi and his champion team Tiny Herb; the muscle head Han Wenqing ; or the stubborn beauty Tang Rou; Ye Xiu and his Lord Grim never fail to amaze us with his brilliance, cunning schemes, and humorous tricks.

One of the four Master Tactician of Glory is someone that people shouldn’t underestimate with or else, they’ll be thoroughly destroyed. This is always the case when Ye Xiu deal with his opponent. He always have that brilliance to make the pace of his opponent turn pale. Be it an ordinary player, an experts or even those professional players; they have to be wary when dealing with the Glory textbook himself.

And since The King’s Avatar is returning for its 2nd season this 2019, fans could expect for more amazing fights from the series and Ye Xiu himself in the coming days. In fact, we have here a short preview of what to expect in The Kings Avatar Season 2 based on its trailer.

The Kings Avatar Epic Fights - Lord Grim
Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim in action

People may though that he’s strength deteriorate after his retirement and leaving his God-level account One Autumn Leaf behind. However, such is not the case; readers of the novel were pretty aware of this fact and how sharp Ye Xiu’s skill is despite leaving the professional scene. With his new character Lord Grim, he once again show in the Glory world his gaming prowess and his godly skills of dealing against any hindrances that comes in his way.


The Kings Avatar Trailer

In tribute to god Ye Xiu, his unwavering love for Glory, and his unmatched battle prowess; we would like to share some of the highlights of his action from the first season of The Kings Avatar anime adaptation. This is also to invite those anime viewers who didn’t seen The King’s Avatar yet to join the fandom and become a Glory fanatic too.

The Kings Avatar Epic Fights

Ye Xiu vs Wang Jiexi

This is a fantastic display of the battle prowess by two God-level Glory players. The Glory Textbook vs the Magician, both great players that made a reputation for themselves during the course of their careers and both won multiple championship for their team. This is a showdown between 2 of the best captains in the Glory Professional Alliance.

Ye Xiu vs Yu Wenzhou

Another battle of God-level players, this time Ye Xiu fought against another player with the same title as him as one of the Four Master Tactician of Glory. It’s fierce arena fight where God Ye Xiu exchanged pointers with the Blue Rain team captain Yu Wenzhou and his God-level account Swoksaar – the First Warlock.

Ye Xiu vs Zhang Xinjie and Han Wenqing

People may think that this is a battle of old grudges, however no one could deny that a fight between rivals is always a phenomenal scene to witness. This time God Ye battle against Team Tyranny’s captain Han Wenqing & another Master Tactician Zhang Xinjie. Team Tyranny is the archenemy of his former Team Excellent Era in the Glory’s professional scene where the two of them is treated as arch nemesis. Nonetheless, this fight a befitting battle to conclude the first season of King’s Avatar anime.

Ye Xiu vs Tang Rou

Now, this is a very exciting part of the anime and it’s even more exquisitely surprising if you have read the novel. This part made a turning point in the story where Ye Xiu finally meet one of the very first person that will eventually comprised the main roster of his future new team. It all started rough though and with this persistent girl Tang Rou, she doesn’t really pose much of a threat to Ye Xiu but she showcase an insurmountable will to defeat any challenges that will come her way.

Ye Xiu’s Team vs Frost Forest Dungeon

This is just the beginning of Lord Grim’s legend in the 10th server when Ye Xiu finally get himself entangled with the big guilds and this time, it’s the Blue Brook Guild (under Team Blue Rain).
That ends our compilations of Ye Xiu’s epic fights from the first season of The King’s Avatar. With the fact that the second season is coming over on 2019, I hereby invite every anime viewers who are fascinated with this kind of genre, be it if you’re a gamer, an otaku, or just an average anime fan; The King’s Avatar is something that will keep you at the edge of your seat with many surprising tricks and overbearing and visually stunning animation.


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