Re:Anime Productions – Tokyo Ghoul: Jason vs Kaneki (Live-Action) Trailer

Re:Anime's Tokyo Ghoul - Jason vs Kaneki
Osric Chau as Ken Kaneki

Re:Anime Productions is back this time to deliver another exciting and epic live-action adaptation of the scenes from some of our favorite anime series. Few weeks ago, we’d been in awe with their amazing Kakashi vs Obito short live-action film which garnered a total views of over 4 million on YouTube.

This time around, executive producer Nik Shaw brings forth a new project from Re:Anime Productions and it’s one that really sounds familiar to everyone. I am talking about the psychological-thriller anime Tokyo Ghoul which is inspired by dark fantasy manga series by Sui Ishida with the same title.
Shaw’s team recreated the epic scene from the finale of the Tokyo Ghoul where Jason Yamori is battling Ken Kaneki to death. For both manga readers and anime viewers, this scene is one of the most remarkable part of the story.

Therefore, let’s take a peek at this trailer for Tokyo Ghoul – Jason vs Kaneki live-action short film.

Furthermore, this cool trailer and the upcoming short film were brought to life by Re:Anime Productions team as follows:
  • Executive Producer: Nik Shaw & Toby Cueni
  • Producer: Vince Duque
  • Director: Mikey Murphy
  • VFX Supervisor: Jyothi Kalyan Sura
  • Osric Chau as Kaneki Ken
  • Masa Yamaguchi as Jason Yamori
  • Chantal Thuy as Rize Kamishiro



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