New Visual of Attack on Titan Season 3 Features Levi & Kenny

Attack on Titan Characters
Everybody’s couldn’t simply wait anymore and to further add to the excitement of Attack on Titan’s fans, a new visual for the 3rd season of the anime had been released featuring two Ackerman characters. Yes, the newly released Attack on Titan season 3 visual features Levi and his maternal uncle, Kenny Ackerman; and it seriously look fiercely inciting.
Attack on Titan Levi and Kenny
First look at Kenny Ackerman
Attack on Titan season 3 is slated to premiere in July 2018 and promises to reveal some key secrets including why Eren becomes the Attack Titan, and we may actually get a glimpse of the story behind Krista Lenz past, I mean Historia Reiss.
This is the second visual to be revealed for Attack on Titan 3 after the first teaser visual unveiled on October 29, 20187.

The Roar of Awakening, which is the compilation film of Attack on Titan also slated to premiere in Japan on January 13, 2018. 

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