Is League Of Legends an Anime?

So I was just chilling out on my computer watching some anime. Or more specifically Knight’s & Magic.

Suddenly a thought went straight through my head.

Is League Of Legends an anime

So I started to look this up and the only results on search engines and forums were angry fan boys.

No logical arguments or even basic reasoning. Some people claimed that League Of Legends was actually an anime. But they were met by people who shared the exact opposite opinion and there the ridiculous insults and memes began.

Oh internet….
….what would we do without you?

Maybe if there was an actual summoner school we could have gotten the answer in school.

Either way I have no bias towards League Of Legends being an anime or not. I just want a straight forward answer.

Before we can determine if League Of Legends is an anime let’s start of by clarifying what anime actually is.

Let’s ask the wise one, “Google“.

After a quick Google search we got an answer in the form of a quick snippet.

5804a what2bis2banime2bgoogle2bsearch Is League Of Legends an Anime?

Well as you can see, according to a quick Google search, anime is “a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.

League Of Legends has no film or television series.
Or does it?

League Of Legends has no official film or anime series released by their creator “Riot Games“. But there are a bunch of hand made animations.

So in order for it to qualify as a TV show does it have to be made by their original studio Riot?

Yes because in order for the show to be officially aired it would need permission from Riot like a licence. And no one or as far as I know actually has permission.

So it’s a no on the TV series.

Well how about a movie then?

A full length movie usually consists of being at least an hour long.

And Riot has not released one.


…they do have a lot of Cinematic trailers that are collectively above an hour long.

But collectively does not pass as a full movie.

Also do the animations pass as Japanese style animations?

Well this is debatable but it does not pass as being a series or movie. So that question is irrelevant.

Final Answer

It’s safe to say that League Of Legends is NOT an anime.

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