Bloodiest Anime Series Ever {EXTREME}

So this list isn’t compiled of just the bloodiest series. In-order to make it on here the anime needs to have both a lot of blood and be an entertaining anime to watch.

Deadman Wonderland

So if you’ve seen this series then you won’t be at all surprised it’s on this list. In Deadman Wonderland people are literally using their blood as weapons, they’re able to shape it into different forms.
You follow a young high-school student named Ganta, Ganta is framed for the slaughtering of his entire class. As a consequence of this Ganta is sent to a theme park but he isn’t riding any roller coasters. Ganta is sent to a prison theme park, forced to battle it out against other inmates.


With blood in the name you already know it’s about to get bloody. Chiroptera are vampire like creatures that feed on the blood of humans, they can morph their bodies into the shape of humans in-order to blend in.
The main character “Saya” is attacked by a Chiroptera, this Chiroptera was far too strong for Saya to handle. Luckily a mysterious man comes in to defend Saya but not for long. This mysterious man named Hajj forces her to drink his blood.
As a result Saya then enters this berserk stage where she slays the monster as-if it was no big deal.


Berserk is one of the bloodiest anime out there, when you see Guts you know there’s about to be a giant pool of blood. Guts is one of the strongest swordsmen in anime and if you’re a tiny little human or a huge demon, either way Guts will rip you apart.
I cannot imagine the body count Guts has piled up, whether it’s a human corpse or a demon’s, Guts must have stacked up a mountain by now. Later on in the series Guts only has one eye and there is constant blood gushing out, how can this man see his opponents?
Well his giant blade takes up a lot of space so it doesn’t really matter. Guts is a fully weaponized killing machine.


If you’ve seen this anime, then there were plenty of times where you just wanted to turn your head away from those terrifying deaths.
If you’re familiar and like the movie “Final Destination” then you will most likely love this anime. No student is safe in this anime, in-fact they’re dropping like flies but teachers also are not safe in this town named “Yomiyama”.
One of the teacher’s death in this anime is absolutely brutal and a notorious death in the anime industry.

Hellsing Ultimate

Well, if you’ve watched Hellsing Ultimate then you’re probably not surprised it hit the top spot. 
In Hellsing Ultimate you follow Alucard who is often referred to as “Vampire King” as he protects Integra from vampire Nazis. 
The Hellsing organisation protects England in an extremely vicious manner, Alucard and his sidekick Seras Victoria fill these Nazi zombies full of bullets. If you’re looking for pure action, entertainment and constant blood gushing, look no further than Hellsing Ultimate.

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