Lan Mo De Hua (Lan Mo’s Flower): An Adorable Chinese Short Anime to Add in Your Watchlist

Chinese Anime: Lan Mo's Flower

Chinese animation had been slowly entering the mainstream industry nowadays and it all thanks to the enormous popularity of The King’s Avatar. Visually stunning animation, decent graphics, and a selective amount of well-written story, a lot of Chinese anime are getting momentum on penetrating the industry that Japan had dominated for so long. 

On my end, my journey towards Chinese anime started with The Legend of Condor Hero which was based on the second wuxia novel of Louis Cha titled, The Return of Condor Heroes from his phenomenal Condor trilogy. Another noteworthy Chinese anime that I’d seen lately is Full-Time Magister which I had watched immediately after finishing The King’s Avatar.

This August, a new Chinese anime will once again entertain us and bring some exciting stories to our door. Lan Mo’s Flower, a short Chinese anime that will capture our heart over and over again and will make us fall in love in a somehow silly yet innocent way. This could be another Cinderella story and somehow deceptively beautiful to make us all fall in love. Lan Mo’s Flower is a story that will awaken that yearning desires in our hearts and will tell us to be true to ourselves.

In this post, I will share some interesting information about Lan Mo De Hua characters and where you can watch it. To summarize our discussion in this post, I have here the list of our topics about Lan Mo’s Flower.

  • A brief intro to Lan Mo’s Flower story
  • Lan Mo’s Flower Trailer and PV
  • Where to watch Lan Mo’s Flower
  • Lan Mo’s Flower Characters List
  • Screenshots and images
  • My short review/verdict about the show.


Lan Mo De Hua (Lan Mo’s Flower) is a Chinese short anime that officially run from July 13, 2017 to August 14, 2017. It runs for a total of 9 episodes and with a length of almost 13-minutes in every episode. It was animated by Colored-Pencil Animation Design – the same studio which currently working for the upcoming The King’s Avatar Season 2, and the League of Legends-inspired Chinese anime Lu’s Time. Lan Mo’s Flower anime is also known for other names such as Blue Flower, and A Wonderful Flower.

Lan Mo De Hua (Lan Mo's Flower)

Lan Mo’s Flower tells the story of Lan Mo and the tale of her romance with her childhood friend Lui Yi Feng. The anime had both the romance and magical appeal as it shows the effort of Lan Mo to get the attention of Lui Yi Feng up to the point that she must rely on deceiving him with the use of witchcraft or a magical item. The story then unfolds to become darker and the realization of her actions and its consequences.

Lan Mos’ Flower Synopsis

Gluttonous and tomboyish, Lan Mo is hardly anyone’s ideal girl, but with a magical hair clip from a mysterious trinket shop that disappears the next day, she may be able to become just that. With its power, she can transform into a beautiful and feminine young lady, someone who may finally be able to catch the eye of her childhood friend and crush, Liu Yifeng. However, keeping the clip’s secret proves difficult for Lan Mo when faced with Liu Yifeng’s admirers and the mysterious stranger Xia An. And to further complicate matters, Lan Mo’s possession of the hair clip may turn out to be more than just mere coincidence. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Lan Mo De Hua Trailer

We have here a promotional video for Lan Mo’s Flower together with a full animated music video of its opening theme song (the second video below) – though it may contain some spoilers so I highly advised you to watch it at your own risk.

Is there any way to watch Lan Mo De Hua online?

Yes, there is. It is actually available in any anime streaming site though unfortunately, most of them were not officially affiliated with the production team. However, popular subbing group GUODONG SUBS – famous for making English subtitles for Chinese anime series have Lan Mo’s Flower in their archives. You may check their list of projects including Lan Mo’s Flower and download it in the link below:

Lan Mo’s Flower episodes are also available for streaming at Guodong Subs YouTube Channel.

The Characters from Lan Mo De Hua

As a short anime, Lan Mo’s Flower has actually too few characters to follow which makes it easy to understand the story. In fact, the most recognizable characters in the anime are Lan Mo and Lui Yi Feng.
  • Lan Mo, who is the cute and goofy main girl who can transform into her crush’s dream girl.
  • Lui Yi Feng, the oblivious childhood friend of Lan Mo who only sees her as a friend.

Note: Character description cited from MojaveRena’s review at AniList.

Selected screenshots and images from the anime

Below are some of the screenshots and images are taken from the anime to fully give us an insight of its animation quality and visuals, and how colorful the world is of Lan Mo’s Flower.

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Lan Mo De Hua Anime

Final Thoughts about Lan Mo De Hua

If you like shoujo or any adorable romance anime, then Lan Mo’s Flower will definitely pass your standard. It’s a romantic story of young love and at the same time showing us the real struggle that some youths are facing right now when it comes to a romantic affair. A thought to ponder about its story – we tend to hide our real self and changed in order to get the attention of the people we like. This is quite horrendous and sometimes, the real salvation simply means staying true to ourselves, show our feelings, be genuine with our emotions, and let destiny do its job. 
To wrap this post, is there any other romance Chinese anime that you enjoyed the most? If yes, please let us know by dropping a comment below. In case that you had watched Lan Mo’s Flower already, what do you think about it and if you’re in Lan Mo’s position, will you take the same path that she took? We’ll be more than grateful if you guys could leave your opinion in the comment section for our reference. 

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