Lan Mo's Flower - A New Chinese Short Anime to Watch-out For

New Chinese Anime Lan Mo's Flower
Chinese animation had been slowly entering the mainstream industry nowadays and it all thanks to the enormous popularity of The King's Avatar. Visually stunning animation, decent graphics and selective amount of well-written story, a lot of Chinese anime are getting a momentum on penetrating the industry that Japan had been dominated for so long. 

On my end, my journey towards Chinese anime started with The Legend of Condor Hero which was based from the second wuxia novel of Louis Cha titled, The Return of Condor Heroes from his phenomenal Condor trilogy. Other noteworthy Chinese anime that I'd seen lately is Full-Time Magister which I watch immediately after finishing The King's Avatar.

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This August, a new Chinese anime will once again entertain us and bring some exciting story in our door. Lan Mo's Flower, a short Chinese anime that will capture our heart over and over again and will make us fall in love in somehow silly yet innocent way. This could be another Cinderella's story and somehow deceptively beautiful to make us all fall in love. Lan Mo's Flower anime is a story that will awaken that yearning desires in our heart and will tell us be true to ourselves.

Lan Mos' Flower Synopsis

A ordinary girl Lan Mo gets a headdress flower. She finds that when she wear the headdress flower, she will become a beautiful girl. So she uses the beautiful looks to get closed to her beloved. Then, the story starts......

If you want to watch Lan Mo's Flower, you can check the YouTube channel of Guodong Subs team.
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