Enchanting English Version of Guilty Crown OST by Amanda Lee

48b62 guilty2bcrown2binori Enchanting English Version of Guilty Crown OST by Amanda Lee

Hey guys, I’d been following this YouTube uploader Amanda Lee for few years and she’s one of those people in the internet making English versions of ‘anime’ theme songs. To be honest, she have that angelic voice, majority of her English versions’ anime songs are amazing while there are some that somehow not that awesome. 

What I really like about her though are her versions of ‘four (4) eternal anime songs’ from Guilty Crown. The show itself is famous for all the amazing OST it has despite of the mixed reviews for the series. If you’d see the series, you’ll know what mean, nonetheless, Guilty Crown is an anime that everybody should watch because it was simply beautiful, insane, shameless, vicious, and entertaining. Everyone compared it with the legendary Code Geass, for me both series are very similar though they both sparks in their own ways and had their respective astounding visages.
Anyway, let’s return our topic to Amanda Lee. I was talking about four videos she posted on Youtube. It’s the English versions for Guilty Crown’s anime songs such as Departures, My Dearest, Bios Delta and Euterpe. These 4 anime songs from the series are simply the epitome of majestic OST that put Guilty Crown on its pedestal as one of the most tear jerking anime of 21st century. 
Kindly watch, listen and enjoy the following videos and give us your opinion about Amanda’s transcription of the song.

My Dearest   Departures   Bios Delta  



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