Tales of Zestiria Battle Trailer Previews Seraph Fusion

Tales of Zestiria Game

The Tokyo Game Show battle trailer for the upcoming role-playing game Tales of Zestiria has been revealed by Bandai Namco Entertainment America last Monday. The video highlights the battle system of the game and the Seraph that can be summon by players as well as how to enable the ability to fuse with Seraphs.

The pre-order package of the game in North America at GameStop or EB Games will also gets the classic Tales of costume set and the videos that features that five exclusive strategy for the game.
The game will be ship for the PS3, PS4, and PC in North America by Bandai Namco Entertainment on October 20. It will be ship in Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia on October 16. Tales of Zestiria’s PC version in Europe will be available on October 20.
Japanese and English audio tracks are also included in the game.
Last December, an anime special inspired by the game has premiered in Japan.

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