Sentai Filmworks Licensed the Young Black Jack Anime

Young Black Jack Anime

The new anime series Young Black Jack premiered last October 1 and few minutes after the first episode ended, Sentai Filmworks announced that they acquired the licensed to release the show digitally and on home video. Young Black Jack will have a 12 episode run which started on October 1 while it will be stream online by Crunchyroll on various areas on Saturday, October 3.

The anime series is based from the Young Black Jack manga by Yū-Go Ōkuma and Yoshiaki Tabata. It is a prequel to the classic series Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka about a brilliant eccentric doctor who practices without a license. Young Black Jack follows the titular character in his youthful days as an unorthodox medical student in 1968.
Kurō Hazama, the titular character Black Jack is played by Yuichiro Umehara while the military doctor who will appear in the fifth episode and one day become his rival is played by Junichi Suwabe.
Young Black Jack Anime Visual
Directing Young Black Jack anime series is Mitsuko Kase at Tezuka Productions together with the Armored Trooper Votoms creator Ryousuke Takashi who is supervising and writing the scripts for the show. Designing the characters and serving as the chief animation directors of the series are Miyuki Katayama and Nana Miura. The art directors for the show are Minoru Nishida and Masato Shibata while serving as the key artist is Megumi Arai.
Young Black Jack director of photography is Kazumasa Someya while directing the sound at Groove is Tamami Watabe. Daisuke Ikeda is composing the music at Being, the duo UMI☆KUUN will perform the opening theme “I Am Just Feeling Alive,” while Takuto is in charge of the series ending theme song titled “All Categorize.”

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