“HaruChika” TV Anime Slated for January 2016 Premiere

It has been reported that P.A. Works is working on the TV anime adaptation of Sei Hatsuno’s HaruChika series of mystery novels and now, new information about has been posted.  HaruChika – Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru is set to premiere in January of 2016 as part of the winter anime lineup.

HaruChika is a fun musical anime that anyone could enjoy. It’s quite generic and something that I could compare to Hyouka on a smaller scale but was pretty entertaining with amusing characters complex anime romance.

In addition, the official website for the series posted some character design sketches for the lead characters: Haruta Kamijō and Chika Homura.
Haruta Kamijō
Chika Homura

HaruChika TV anime will be directed by Mazakazu Hashimoto, featuring character designs by Asako Nishida. The animation is provided by P.A. Works while Reiko Yoshida is working for the series composition.

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