Lord of the Universe Season 3 (Wanjie Shenzhu 2021) Updates

One of the most popular donghua (Chinese anime) in recent years is coming back this 2021 and that is Lord of the Universe Season 3 or Wanjie Shenzhu 万界神主 第三季. With over 1.28 billion playbacks, Lord of the Universe was one of the most-watched Chinese anime of 2020 and there are no doubts that many fans are looking forward to its continuation this year.

Lord of the Universe Season 3

Lord of the Universe Season 3 Key Visual

Lord of the Universe Season 3

In this post, I would like to share updates about the Lord of the Universe Season 3 or Wanjie Shenzhu Season 3. These updates include its release date, trailers and promotional videos, key visuals, and many more as we anticipate its return this year. After all, the series is one of the highly anticipated Chinese anime of 2021.

The announcement that the series is coming back for another season was made during the 2020 Tencent Video Animation Event held last August 8 where the Chinese giant company revealed their lineup of animated works for the last quarter of 2020 and the succeeding year. It is to be noted that during the time of the announcement, Lord of the Universe anime season 2 just recently concluded exactly a month early.

Animation Studio and Release Date

The Lord of the Universe anime had been animated by Ruo Hong Culture ever since its first premiered in 2019. The upcoming third season of the donghua will be animated by Ruo Hong Culture too and will be released as part of Tencent Video’s Chinese anime lineup for 2021.

The release date for the Lord of the Universe Season 3 is slated on March 17, 2021; that’s quite early than what we expected and we’re happy for it.

Trailers and Promotional Videos

Here are the previously unveiled trailers for Lord of the Universe Season 3.


Lord of the Universe Manhua

Lord of the Universe donghua (Chinese anime) or Wanjie Shenzhu is adapted from a Chinese manhua of the same title. However, the English title of the manhua is translated as The Lord of No Boundary but it is also known as the Lord of the Universe. It is an action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy manhua written and illustrated by Taxue Dongman and Ai Lu Mao which start releasing on October 13, 2018.

The Lord of No Boundary Synopsis

Time-traveling from 21st to the Nanzhou era, as an ancient immortal, Ye Chen resorted to the ancient force to defeat the troop of State of Di who was trying to kidnap the Fairy Lady of Snow Shadow. He confessed his identity to the Fairy Lady, while there was still a big secret hidden behind his flippant smile and bold behavior. What would this be? and was it a fate that the two people should meet? [Source: Mangatoon]

If you wish to read the Lord of No Boundary manhua, you may check the following official outlets:

Lord of the Universe Anime

The donghua was first released on February 6, 2019, and run until August 24, 2019, for a total of 60 episodes on Tencent Video. It has a total duration of 11 minutes per episode.

Lord of the Universe season 1

The Lord of the Universe Season 2 then premiered on February 1, 2020, and aired until July 8, 2020, for a total of 48 episodes and a 9-minute duration per episode.

Lord of the Universe Season 2

Lord of the Universe Characters

There are several characters that we can follow in the story of the Lord of the Universe. However, its main characters are Ye Chen and Qingxue Mu, and the supporting role of Tantai Yue.

Where to Watch Lord of the Universe donghua?

All the previous seasons of The Lord of the Universe can be watched on the Tencent Video Animation platform. You can visit its official page here: 万界神主 第三季

It is also available on WeTV, Tencent’s outlet for international viewers.

However, several subbing groups translated the donghua and make it available for international viewers. Among the top subbing groups that listed the series on their archives are the following:

  • Mundo Donghua (Spanish sub)
  • izfanmade (English sub)
  • Kurina Official (English and Indo sub)
  • Animexin (English sub)

There are various groups on YouTube too that upload random episodes of the series.

Further Reading: Donghua Like The Lord of the Universe

While we are patiently waiting for the Lord of the Universe Season 3 to be released, why not try to watch some of the donghua that have similar stories and vibes to the series. Here, we have listed some of the series that you should check out if you love the Lord of the Universe:

  • Wonderland
  • Soul Land
  • Martial Master
  • Supreme God Emperor
  • Spirit Sword Sovereign
  • Battle Through the Heavens
  • Martial Universe


So far, these are all the updates that we have about the Lord of the Universe Season 3. I will update this post whenever we have news about it. Nevertheless, are you guys excited about it? Please let us know your thoughts about the series by dropping a comment below and if you wish to learn more about Chinese animation or donghua, please subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates from us.


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