Different Genres Of Anime Games You Need To Explore

Anime has outgrown in popularity in the past few years. Anybody can recognize anime characters from their over-sized eyes and tiny noses. As an anime enthusiast, I am always amazed to see anime-inspired games because I felt that the excitement and fun are genuine. I’ve been playing anime games for years, and no matter what your anime preference is, there will always be a genre of anime games which will suit your taste.
Anime games - My Hero: One's Justice
My Hero: One’s Justice | Source: Gamespot.com
There is a vast range of anime games, like Project QT, available for Android devices and PCs. The swift and fluid action, the stunning animations, and unique plots are sure to keep you engaged for a very long time. If you are an ardent gamer and are crazy about anime, here is a list of anime game genres for you to explore and enjoy.

1. Action

Attack on Titan Tactics
Attack on Titan Tactics by DeNA
Action is the broadest genre in anime games. In fact, action anime is a collection of sub-genres and not actually a tightly-knit genre. It can include platform games, arcades, first-person shooters, and fighting games. A lot of action stories are very close to sci-fi, crime, or fantasy. However, unlike other genres, they include simple and straightforward storylines, with minimum interaction with non-player characters. In action anime games, the player gets to control an avatar and find his way through the game while collecting objects on the way.

2. Fantasy

Fantasy anime games are a great way to break from the monotony of the real world. The mysterious worlds of fantasy anime games are filled with exciting and thrilling elements and hidden rare items. You get to climb on colossal monsters and have fantastic boss fights around the towns. Sometimes you can even discover mysterious things that can give you magical powers to restore lives and conjure people. You can also come across dreamy and artistic universes with spectacular castles and towns.

3. Mystery

Mystery anime games can range between plots as light-hearted as figuring out your friend’s personality or as heavy as unraveling the mysteries of a gruesome murder. The games can take you through exciting set-ups like pre-war Japan or ancient Europe, where you have to look into the matter of killings happening around your town. Mystery anime games involve a lot of puzzles that you have to solve with the help of your sense of judgment in order to find clues that can take you closer to the murder.

4. Horror

Horror anime games can take you on a horrific ride for real as you explore the haunted houses and hotels. They can get disturbing at times as anime series and manga are never reluctant to get too graphic or scary. A lot of them can seem innocent in the beginning but can turn out to be a game of killings as the story unravels. Find your way to escape the haunted places laden with bloody corpses as you dual with crazy ghosts and zombies. Stories can come with a bitter-sweet twist as you have to fight with your friends or family members who have turned into ghosts after being attacked by an army of creepy creatures.

5. Supernatural

Supernatural anime games are about dealing with the supernatural – things from the paranormal world that the human eye is unable to catch. Not all supernatural landscapes will use horror to emphasize the supernatural. The plot can revolve around using black magic to heal your sick friend or finding your way through a scientific institution filled with hungry zombies. At times, the horrific experiences with people obsessed with ghosts while being trapped in a supernatural universe can freak you out.

6. Sci-Fi

Psycho-Pass anime game
Sci-fi is a much diverse genre that blends with several other genres like action, suspense, and drama, to bring out stories that tell the accounts of a dystopian future. Games of this genre can take you on a thrill ride with amazing futuristic designs that keep the users hooked. In sci-fi anime games, you can end up in space, battling with other ships with laser guns and other innovative weapons. You can even find yourself in scientific labs, equipped with the latest tools and machines to create deadly monsters.

7. Adventure

The adventure genre in anime games has seen a lot of popular hits in recent times. If you thirst for adventure, these anime games are just what you need. The game can take you on a secluded island where you can team up with other friends to find your way out of that strange place. They can be truly entertaining as you visit newer places, meet new people, and solve mind-boggling puzzles. Sometimes, you can be a warrior fighting a horde of enemies with the aim of restoring peace in your town.

8. Romance

Anime game dating
A lot of anime games under the romance genre revolve around a female protagonist who is in search of true love. The player in the form of the female protagonist can find herself in a situation where she has to reveal information about different people to find out a perfect match for her love life. Other games are dating sims where both male and female characters make equal participation in the romantic fun. The game can include text messages, chat rooms, emails, and even phone calls, not for real, but in between the characters of the game.
These are only few of the popular genres of anime games that people will surely love. As I mentioned, no matter what your preferences, there will always be a genre that you can play as the world of anime games is a beautiful assorted basket of excitement, fun, and mind-boggling experience for anime enthusiasts and gamers.
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