Sunshine Blogger Award: It’s My First Time in the Club!


My anime sunshine: Maple from Bofuri
Maple is my dear furball of anime sunshine | Sauce: BOFURI
Hey guys, it’s my first time to write a post about the Sunshine Blogger Awardthough I’d saw this several times before from the sites of other anime bloggers. I have to give a special shoutout to The Pantless Anime Blogger who nominated me a year ago on my personal blog but I failed to make a post, I’m so sorry buddy. Nonetheless, I will answer your questions in this post together with questions for a new nomination I got from Moyatori of The Moyatorium.
First of all, I would like to say thank you to The Pantless Anime Blogger and Moyatori for nominating me and to all these wonderful questions. Before I’ll start, I have to post the rules & regulations of Sunshine Blogger Award first.
Sunshine Blogger Award
Here are the rules:
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Moyatori’s Questions

Alright, I would like to start this with questions from Moyatori which are really interesting. You may also check Moyatori’s Blog here: The Moyatorium

1. In a situation where you must initiate small talk, what’s your go-to topic?

I am not really the one who always initiates the conversation unless it is really important. I choose the topic depending on what kind of person I’m dealing with. If it is with people who really knows me personally, I always go with topic involving anime, work-related stuffs, popular news or politics (but I don’t really go deeper into this one) or boys (I’m gay by the way); or a simple question – would you like to have coffee? / Let’s have a cup of coffee?

2. If there are 25 hours in a day, what would you do with the extra hour?

I am nocturnal but if there will be an extra hour of the day; I’ll use it for another extra time of sleep. Phonsekal Laure from Tower of God must be my lazy spirit animal at some point.

DhkjlTmWsAAT 4M?format=jpg&name=small Sunshine Blogger Award: It’s My First Time in the Club!
Tower of God “Phonsekal Laure”

3. Would you prefer to commute to work/school by flying carpet, pumpkin carriage, or ventilated glass coffin carried by coffin dancers?

I love to ride a pumpkin carriage but since I want to reach my destination as fast as possible without any annoying traffic or whatsoever, I’ll choose a flying carpet. Afterall, nothing could beat the mood of riding it while singing A Whole New World. J

4. How many hours of sleep do you need each night to feel rested?

I usually fell asleep late and if there’s work, I have to get up early so 3-4 hours of sleep is okay with me. If I know that the next day is vacant, I could sleep up to 7-8 hours, or wake up after that, then sleep once again after 2-3 hours.

5. What’s the best food to eat when stressed?

It’s always coffee on my end because coffee is life and love. Although, I’m not picky with what I eat, I’d prefer to have cookies or biscuits together with a cup of coffee or more when I am stressed. Sometimes, I felt like I could even eat a human being if they annoyed me when I am tremendously stressed.

6. If you must immigrate to another country, where would you go?

It’s always Iceland, I don’t know but there’s something special in its beauty that really captured my heart. Aside from Iceland, I also love the other Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. After that, then there’s Japan and United Kingdom where I think I could settle peacefully.

7. What kind of songs do you listen to at the end of a frustrating day?

I have wide range of taste in music from classical, to pop, anime-theme, orchestra-instrumental, rock, metal, Gregorian chants, and folksong. But I would rather have anime songs to listen at the end of a frustrating day.

8. What’s the best dish you’ve made recently? Mind sharing your recipe with me?

I’m sorry but I don’t know how to cook other than rice & fried egg. xD

9. My mom wants to learn more English by watching TV shows. She enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy and The Handmaid’s Tale, and likes “deep” stories with diverse casts. What TV show would you recommend my mom?

I think I could recommend How I Met Your Mother, or The Big Bang Theory. Oh, as well as Doctor Who! J

10. What’s your favorite fairy tale, and why?

Cinderella had always been on top of my favorite fairy tales. Maybe it’s because it’s more realistic at some point minus the fairy godmother and the pumpkin carriage whatsoever. I could somehow relate to Cinderella’s story at some point.

11. On a scale of cotton candy to razor blade dripping with your enemy’s blood, are you more wholesome or edgy?

I am wholesome or that’s what everyone had been thinking of me. I have always been living with the motto: Respect yourself to gain the respect of others, so I couldn’t really go at the wild side in front of the others. But I am a raging lunatic and pretty edgy I think who likes reading about stories of serial killers, and a bit crazy every once in a while.


The Pantless Anime Blogger’s Questions

This is really late but here’s my answer to The Pantless Anime Blogger’s questions on my personal blog: J

1. In a Jump All Star rumble, who would you pick to win? Saitama from OPM, Korosensei from Assassination Classroom, Dio from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure or Kankichi from Kochikame.

I’m a fan of Saitama so I’ll go with our bald hero. J

2.  After a stressful day, you would go to ____________ to _____________ so you can unwind. I probably could’ve phrased this better?

I’ll definitely go to my room or any silent place where I could watch anime, read novels while drinking a cup of coffee. In my workplace, there’s a certain spot there where I always go just to unwind, simply sitting at the bench while looking at the lagoon while enjoying the cool breeze of the wind plus, it could be a perfect senti moments.

3. Tea or Coffee?

Obviously, it’s coffee but I knew someone who’s head over heels on tea, so I might have one if he says so.

4. A random due in a cat mascot costume suddenly rushes towards you on your way to school. What do you do?

I’ll say meow! I don’t really like conversation that doesn’t interest me so I might as well as ignore him/her as long as they doesn’t pose any danger.

5. Truck-san just helped you travel to another world. Which world? The Harry Potter world of Zero no Tsukaima or the WWII-esque world of Yojou Senki and yes, you’re reborn as a loli here too.

I’ll choose the latter; after all I must be Tanya herself. I could feel it we have the same heart.

6. Favorite drama?

There’s this Japanese TV series titled Precious Time that aired in Philippines when I was in my college days 10 years ago. It’s Japanese title is Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake also known as God, please give me more time – starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Kyoko Fukada. I really love it and still one of my favorite til now together with the Korean drama Hwang Gini. In anime, it’ll always be Natsume Yuujinchou.

EPDSqVzWkAABPYJ?format=jpg&name=small Sunshine Blogger Award: It’s My First Time in the Club!
Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake

7. You’re going to battle a pokemon in a one-on-one deathmatch. Which pokemon do you choose as your opponent?

I will admit defeat so I’ll choose Jigglypuff while dying listening to her song.

8. What’s your guilty pleasure movie/anime/series?

This is hard but among few of them are Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, Food Wars, Teen Wolf, 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten, The Way He Looks, Call Me By Your Name.

9. Would you rather drink a blundered juice made of apple, celery, and pork fat or mint, tuna and chives?

I have to choose the 2nd option: Mint, Tuna, and Chives!

10. What’s the main reason you wake up and leave bed in the morning?

This is so hard. I am currently at the stage of my life where I really don’t know what keeps me going on in this course of life. I don’t want to wake up every morning just to go to work, and living just to survive each day is quite cheap and meaningless. We all want to leave some legacy in this world before we are gone, I want to make myself believe that I am here for a higher purpose but I am still searching for it.


And that’s the end of my answers to the questions of Moyatori and TPAB. I hereby nominate these awesome people for Sunshine Blogger Award:


I also have here my questions which could be obnoxious at some point:
  1. If you could choose 5 anime characters to live inside a house for a lifetime, who are they?
  2. Do you like Chinese anime? If yes, which one is your favorite?
  3. How old are you when you realized that anime had become an integral part of your life and in what ways it became important to you?
  4. If one day you’ll have the power to change the world: would you change it with diplomacy or revolution?
  5. Among various anime characters, who you think is your spirit animal?
  6. What’s your dream job and why you choose it?
  7. If you’ll direct your own anime someday, what title will you give it?
  8. When did you start blogging, and what important lessons you learn from it?
  9. Tell me which country you came from by dropping 3 clues/hints only?
  10. Which anime do you think is the most revolutionary?
  11. If you’ll go isekai, which anime world would you like to live and why?


And this is where I shall end this post. Thank you to Moyatori and TPAB for nominating me. For people who had been tagged, no pressure if you can’t answer the questions but I’ll be happy to hear from words from you! JNonetheless, thank you and have a great day guys!


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