Everything You Need to Know about Wings of the World (万国志) Anime

Wings of the World (万国志) Anime


Hey guys, we have a new Chinese anime to look forward to this 2019 and it is no other than Wings of the World which I previously listed as one of the most anticipated donghua from summer lineup. Well, summer anime season is almost over but it’s not too late yet for Wings of the World as it is slated to air this September 23 – a week before the summer season officially end.
In this post, I will discuss everything that we need to know about Wings of the World and I believe it’s quite amazing to learn this fact before the anime’s premiere and this includes the following details:


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Furthermore, I will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about the anime such as:


Aside from this, I shall discuss similar Chinese anime that we could compare with Wings of the World in order to give you guys some overview of the upcoming anime. Alright, so let’s start our discussion with Wings of the World which had been one of the 2019 Chinese anime that I’ve been so excited to see since the story had been set in my country – the Philippines.


Wings of the World (万国志) Anime

In this section, I shall answer the following questions: What is Wings of the World all about, its story, world setting, and does it reflect some real events in world history? Wings of the World is set in the 17th century, specifically at 1633 where most of the major power (nations) at that time was in constant warfare in order to acquired land – that’s where Philippines enter in the story on which all countries in the world built Thousands-Nation City there as it was the place where the first communication and collision between the East and West took place. This cliché could be traced back to 17th century where Philippines had been occupied by the Spanish Empire in the real world history, though encounters and trades with the Chinese and even Indians in the Philippines took place earlier than this period.

We have here the synopsis for Wings of the World anime which tells a lot about what we should expect from its story.

1663 Common Era, the youngest leader of the Ming dynasty’s navy Lu Changfeng is to escort an official to capture criminals but was attacked by a ghost fleet and sea beasts, causing the entire envoy to be sunk. Lu Changfeng was saved by a mysterious girl from the ocean bottom and followed her to the international center of commerce of the Age of Sail: Luzon. At the time, over 70% of the Ming dynasty’s silver was obtained from Luzon, and this tiny island determined the fate of several nations. Spanish settlers cruelly ruled, and people of all walks of life, under the guidance of Song Yingxing, constructed the international finance center: the Kingdom of Wan. Despite disagreements with Song Yingxing, Lu Changfeng still chose to join Song’s team: 天工, participating in the struggle against Spanish settlers with others. Both factions used bleeding-edge technological inventions in their battle. To resist the enemy genius Vesalius‘s weapon, Song Yingxing manipulates Lu Changfeng, bringing out his days fighting Vesalius in Korea, etc.

Based on the synopsis, we shall see a major conflict between the Chinese (Ming Dynasty) and the Spanish Empire here, though other countries especially those from Europe will also intervene bringing an all-out clash between the East and the West using various advanced weapons of wars. I believed this could their version of a World War and based on the available trailers and promotional videos for Wings of the World, the fight scenes definitely looks amazing and lit.


The concept of Wings of the World anime story is something that we could see from different works of literature – warfare and a battle for survival and bringing honor to one’s nation. This kind of cliché had existed for so long in the world history and I badly want to see what kind of twist will we have in this story of Wings of the World which is an original science-fiction anime project from animation studio 灵樨文化. The anime which is also known as Wan Guozhi is technically a combination of science fiction and historical shenanigans such on which we could see the fusion of West and East just like the Western Knights elements, the firearms of medieval period, and a flying warship. Wings of the World simply offer a fresh take on this overused cliché and I am not complaining at all at it really looks good together based on the trailers.
The science-fiction anime on which many historical nuts out there will surely enjoy is a project under the production of Bilibili and 灵樨文化. Wings of the World anime will run for a total of 20 episodes with the length of 12-minute per episode which somehow I think might be short.


There had been several videos about Wings of the World that has been released and I must say that they all look promising and making me further excited for the anime. The first trailer of Wings of the World anime had been revealed last March as shown below.
A promotional video for the anime had been released 2 months ago as seen below which gives us a further look at what to expect in the anime.
The most recent promo video of Wings of the World anime had been unveiled a few days ago featuring almost the same scenes from the previous trailer but also added new scenes and characters to watch out for.


Several posters and artworks for Wings of the World had been released so far and they all look dazzling and fascinating. We have here some selected posters of Wings of the World anime below and this actually is making me truly excited for the anime even more.
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Based on the newly released video for the anime, Wings of the World release date is on September 23, 2019. Well, few more days from now upon writing this post and I believed that it may take some time before it’ll be available outside of China but I do hope that some subbing groups will pick it up soon, so we could enjoy this Chinese anime in English-sub.


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I think this is one of the questions that truly matter here. As of now, Wings of the Worldanime could be watched in Bilibili upon its release on September 23 but this is in Chinese dubbed. I’ll share a link towards the streaming page of the anime in this section of the post once its available at Bilibili.


For non-Chinese speaking viewers (just like me), we still have to wait for a subgroup to translate the anime into English and share it online. As of now, among my most trusted and favorite subbing groups of Chinese anime shows were Guodong Subs, Kingsman Subs, Kurina Official, Mizure, and Moon Cakes. Among them, I think Kingsman and Moon Cakes will have a higher possibility of adding Wings of the World on its list of works. Kurina had been uploading both raw and English-subbed videos of Chinese anime recently, so they might also have Wings of the World soon in their archives, which is why I am also recommending them as one of the online space to watch Wings of the World anime soon.

Aside from the Ming Dynasty, and Spanish Empire, I have also read from other Chinese sites that the Dutch East India Company and Japan will also join in the war in this anime which really makes me excited to see Wings of the World. After all, I am among those history buffs out there and this kind of set up will definitely entice our neurons to look forward to the anime. Let us know about your thoughts on Wings of the World, and which part of it makes you excited the most?
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