Anime games – the good and the bad

So we’ve all played lots of anime styled games (at least I have). But they’re not the perfect medium, not at all. In fact, I don’t think there’s a perfect medium/type of game at all. There are pros and cons to all of them.

In this post, I, Kess from TechAnimate will be going over the pros and cons of anime styled games.

First of all, the cons…
1cd2e thumbs2bdown Anime games - the good and the bad
It’s a grind
315dd grind Anime games - the good and the bad
No, not this type of grind -_-

Now, this depends on the type of player you are. Some people love grinding, some people hate it, and some people are in-between.

I personally don’t like games that make me grind with a few exceptions like The Witcher 3. Anime styled games consistently make us grind.

For example, I remember deciding to get a PS Vita and heard from so many people online that Persona 4 Golden was by far the best game on the platform.


So what did I do?

I fell into the hype like we all do and jumped into the game. I was enjoying it early on and found that the story slowed down dramatically and I had to go into dungeons to grind.
This was incredibly frustrating. Sure, there were moments where I enjoyed the grinding but for the most part, it was annoying.
If you’re like me, you like the story to go along at a steady pace.
There’s a way to make the grinding fun and that’s by implementing mini-stories into the grind.
Some games did this but I found that Japanese anime games didn’t adopt this way of grinding like western RPGs do.
Another game I hated grinding in was Final Fantasy X HD remastered on the Vita. (Now, I’m probably going to get killed for saying that)
Constantly reading text and characters having no voice
216c6 Anime games - the good and the bad
How some anime games feel…


This is another con which depends on the type of player you are. Personally, I enjoy reading but I find after a while it gets frustrating constantly having to read blocks of text.
Some games do it well and are made for this type of stuff like Danganronpa. In fact, the Danganronpa series kill it with the text and make it so enjoyable because of the story.
But if you’re playing an action game, the last thing you want is blocks of text interrupting you. Instead, you’d want an English voice over. Sometimes a Japanese voice over is OK if you’re like me.
Many people feel that changing the voice from Japanese to English completely changes the way you view and feel about a character
So now that we’ve kinda crapped on Japanese games, let go ahead and check out the positives.
5e63c thumbs2bup Anime games - the good and the bad
A completely different change from the usual stuff
If you mostly play Western-styled games and change to a Japanese one, it’s like two totally different worlds.
We all know that the Japanese have a very unique writing style.
They don’t hold anything back, for better or for worse. If you’ve seen shows like Berserk, Code Geass, and No Game No Life, you know that the Japanese are very creative.
This writing creativity also show in their games like Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Valkyria Chronicles. I consider those some of the most fun games you could ever play.
5fd07 japanese2bgod Anime games - the good and the bad
Yes, this is a Japanese God from Japanese lore.
We’re all used to Western lore like Greek and Norse Gods. But Japan has its own lore like the Abumi-guchi, Namahage, and Aoandon.
If you’ve played games like Nioh, you know how they take their monsters to the next level. They’re just dark and dirty.

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